Good advertisement rates for adult ad buyers!

There are a couple of new players on the adult advertisement market and if you are buying, you should check them out – both their rates and systems are very competitive.

As a publisher, there are also something cool to utilize, a fallback system. This means that you can set a minimum CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and if that CPM isn’t met, the fall back ad is shown.

You can chain link this, to secure the highest CPM for your adult ad-space.

So head on over to ADAMO Ads and ClickPapa today to get started!


Creating a Plug with PlugRush

This post should help guide you on to how you create a plug in PlugRush. First sign-in, then go to Publishers -> Plugs and click Add Plug. Choose your website and type (always go with Regular Plug if you don’t know the difference, and your probably don’t since you are reading this).

In this guide we are creating a plug for one a free tubesite created using We’ve picked this video to create the plug to:

So you need a screenshot, you can do one yourself or use the one that comes with the video. We’ve used the one that came with the video (by right clicking on it and choosing ‘copy image url’. Now we need to insert it all into PlugRush.

1. Input the Plug URL (that’s the url to the video on your tube or if you are doing a blog post, the URL to your blog).

2. Write a short descriptive title

3. Write a short descriptive description, don’t copy paste the title into this field.

4. Input the ‘thumbnail url’ or upload the thumbnail file.

5. Pick the category (niche) of the video clip – now make sure that it’s something that matches what you can see in the thumbnail! And don’t pick too many, you want the traffic to be targeted to your niche after all.

It should look something like this, when you are ready to save it:

creating a plug with plugrush example











When you hit save, you are prompted to crop the thumbnail. Make sure you do now show any logo’s when you do. So in this case, we crop like this:

Example of cropping a plug in plugrush












That’s it, now you hit save and wait for the Plug to be approved. That usually happens quite fast. Once approved, be sure to go back from time to time and remove those that has a bad click through ratio (CTR) and learn by doing – so be sure to find out what kind of images are clicked more by others so you improve yourself all the time πŸ˜‰

easyXsites closed beta is live!

I’m proud to annouce that today we have launched the closed beta of easyXsites. So if you were on my list and didn’t get the invite, please contact me asap and I will get you in on the action. If you feel you should be in the closed beta for some reason, please contact me as well πŸ˜‰

For a long time, we (Petrov (coding), Harsan (design) and myself) have been working on this and we are glad we can finally let someΒ real people in on the fun. So as of today it’s officially open… well for some πŸ˜›



easyXsites allows adult webmasters to easily create adult blogs or tubes, without needing any technical knowledge and you don’t even have to worry about hosting or any intrusive ads! We supply everything you need, unlimited bandwith and unlimted diskspace. You can use your own domain or you can create subdomains! And the best of all, it’s FREE*!

We don’t add any annoying pop-unders, pop-ups, IM’s or other banners. We advertise in the easyXsites admin system that you use when creating sites, but even when you manage sites – you are free from ads. So what’s not to like?

We expect to move from closed to open beta with anywhere from 2-4 weeks! We are constantly adding new features and are expanding the system, later down the road we’ll have more site types, integrated sponsor content (sponsors! Hit me up to get in on this program!), integrated and niche based link and traffic trading – and much MUCH more!

So be sure you check back here, for news and updates.


– Markul
[email protected]

5241 % Return ratio on adult traffic trading? You better believe it!

Check it out, almost 5241 % recived compared to what I sent. That’s a load of traffic, the best part is, it’s all clicked and not skimmed. You send US and you get US, you send DE and you get DE.

adult traffic trading return ratio plug rush overview picture













So if you want to seriously boost your traffic combine PlugRush with other trading platforms or simply just use PlugRush and watch your earnings rise day by day. Create a widget and create a plug and your good to go! If you need any help, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you get setup πŸ™‚