Adult Sponsors supported by easyXsites

Here is a complete and updated list (as of today) of all sponsors that are supposed by easyXsites:

Adult Master Cash
Adult Payout
Anilos Cash
Asian Movie Pass
AV Revenue
Blazing Bucks
Bom Bucks
Brain Cash
British Bucks
Brutal Bucks
Bucks Factory
Bucks Guru
Buddy Profits
Catchy Cash
DDF Cash
Diesel Action
Extreme Movie Cash
Fame Dollars
Fetish Hits
Fetish Wealth
Hentai Biz
Home Grown Cash
Hustler Cash
Idol Bucks
Island Dollars
Latino Bucks
Long Bucks
MOFOs Cash
Naughty Revenue
Nice Dreams Cash
Nice Ratios
NS Cash
Paper Street Cash
Pornstar Platinum
Profits Deluxe
Revenge Bucks
Roual Cash
Serious Cash
Twink Pay
WTF Bucks

All of these sponsors has hundreds of not thousands of easy to import videos directly into your turnkey adult tube site, it’s perfect to monetize your already parked domains and the built in content producer will secure that your sites will perform well and not get removed. Naturally you can manually write titles and descriptions. You can design the site to look more or less just the way you want it – and if you do not have a parked domain – no problem! – just use a sub-domain.

.xxx domain owners can now safely host with easyXsites

At the request of the ICM Registry, easyXsites has added a 2257 statement to all tube sites. This means that owners of the domain extension .xxx can now safely use easyXsites to build their tube sites.

The resent release of the sponsored content module, means that a new monetization stream has been added. So besides displaying advertisements and sending traffic to tube sites that pay per 1000 visits, you can now promote your favorite sponsors and their paysites. The module currently has more than one hundred thousand videos ready for import, all of them come complete with your affiliate join codes.

As always, easyXsites is 100% free. No traffic skimmed. No ads are displayed but those the webmaster adds himself. If you have a dormant domain or an .xxx domain that you would like to see ranked in Google again, easyXsites is the way to go! is live again! is live again! So go and register a free user to get started.

If you are a returning beta tester, please remember to register your user with the same e-mail as the one you used during beta, this will unlock your 6 months of free premium time.

Earn easy money in adult with easyXsites and PlugRush!

easyXsites is well under way in its public beta and has now partnered up with PlugRush to allow you to earn even more money!

You can now generate, as many adult tubesites as you want, using easyXsites! By using the new tube templates with PlugRush integration, all the tubes you create will come with PlugRush widgets already created, allowing you to focus on adding content building traffic to earn more money.

easyXsites will auto populate your adult tubesite with PlugRush widgets allowing you to sell adult mobile traffic, clicked adult traffic, blind adult traffic and even ad-block traffic! If you create plugs, you will also trade traffic and grow both traffic and earnings with no costs and thus no risk involved!

easyXsites is still in beta and new features are added every day, soon we will integrate PlugRush with blogs and implement a sponsor module that allows you to create turnkey adult tubes where YOU own the ads.

easyXsites is FREE to use and you can create as many sites as you want, there is no approval process so you do not have to wait to get started. All you need to do is sign-up and get to work.

easyXsites already hosts more than 7000 websites and you can use their subdomain system or your own domains by pointing them to easyXsites nameservers.

You can see example sites of a tube on and a blog on  – if you are brand new getting started with adult webmastering, we recommend you read this adult webmaster guide first and then get started.

To enable PlugRush on easyXsites, you need to be signed up with both services. After this it’s simple:

  1. Go and grab your PlugRush API key here.
  2. Go to your easyXsites profile here.
  3. Enter the e-mail you have on file with PlugRush and API key and hit Save.

That’s it! Next time you create a tube site, you’ll see a new option above the create button allowing you to use the PlugRush integration. Once the site is created, you can go to PlugRush and see that the site has been added, validated* and all widgets created.

*Please note that if you are creating a site with your own domain, you need to wait for the DNS to resolve and then sign-in to PlugRush and hit verify to get the site approved.

If you already have a tube you would like to use PlugRush widgets on, all you need to do is edit the site in easyXsites and tick the create PlugRush widgets box!

Happy hunting!