Win $2500 in CASH with PlugRush

PlugRush is offering their publishers a chance to win up to $2500 in cash. The deal is simple, PlugRush will pick 10 widgets that are styled the best so be creative with layout, fonts, colours and so on. Then grab the widget ID:




Head on over to their contest website and submit it. Remember that you can submit as many as you like so get started today!

Trade or Exchange Traffic with TraffDAQ



There is a new program that promises big things when it comes to trading traffic, they are called TraffDAQ. You can either trade or sell your traffic. And supposedly the quality is great, so naturally we decided to give them a test. Here is what we found:

– When you send traffic, you get credits.
– You can spend those credits on money or traffic.
– You can bid on traffic you want to trade your credits for.

Lets see what that looks like, here are 100 hits sent to TraffDAQ:

As you can see, each hit is worth a different amount of credits. Now – as you store your credits – you can get traffic back.

It could look like this:

Now you can bid anything you like, depending on the traffic you need – it requires some testing and tweaking – but the quality is actually great as it is right now.

So if you want to grow your traffic across your site, your network or simply want to exchange one traffic demographic for another – then go get started today!

Best CTR Producing PlugRush Widget Found!

easyXsites and PlugRush has been testing our what widget type produces the best CTR (Click-Through-Rate) on easyXtubes and easyXblogs and the results are quite clear:

With a 77% higher CTR, the sidebar widget is the best performing PlugRush widget type with easyXsites!

The two widget types tested were the sidebar widget and the header widget:





As you can see in the above screenshot, the best converting PlugRush widget is the sidebar widget. Creating it for easyXsites, you should remember three things:

1. Make it responsive

2. Use these dimensions (230×1000 px)

PlugRush responsive widget guide

3. Add them to every page template of your easyXsite! (Go to your site dashboard -> Manage -> Layout)

PlugRush and easyXsites widget guide


easyXsites would like to thank everyone that participated in the test and hope that all webmasters using PlugRush in the network will use the best converting widgets – after all – producing 77% more clicks equals 77% more income for you as an adult webmaster! What’s not to like? 🙂

Don’t have an adult blog or tube? Create one today for free!


Adult Media Buyers Wanted

There is a new player in town and they are looking for adult media buyers… and the bonus is that new advertisers get’s a 25% bonus on any deposit made, no matter the amount. Read all the details here. 

100% Bonus For New Adult Advertisers!


CreamyAds are running a New Year Special promotion that will match any deposit above $200 made between the 8th and 10th of January 2015.

That means if you deposit $200 you will get an extra $200 added to your account! Or deposit $2000 you get $2000 extra added = $4000

There is no max limit on deposits and these kind of promotions do not come often. All you have to do is use the promocode: newyear during checkout.

So if you aren’t already an advertiser with CreamyAds, now is the time to get started!

If you want more news like this, please check out the source for this post:


Generating adult traffic and selling it…

.. there are a lot of guides about how to generate traffic for your website, but a few guides that will explain how to generate it and how to sell it for the best price – and how to automate it all. Who wouldn’t want a money making machine you can turn on and then go to the beach and sip those long drinks? While it sounds good, it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But it can be done and you don’t even have to spend a single dollar to get started.

What you need is time, persistence and patience.

And a guide. I can give you a place to get the guide, the rest is up to you? Will you do it? Or will you dream about it. Get started on your dream today with this: Adult Media Guide

Adult Friendly URL Shortner Service


A new and adult friendly URL shortner service has launched, it’s called Porn Earn – so if you are looking for a URL shortener service that allows adult/porn, this is it.

Here is an overview of what they pay:


10000 adult webmasters can’t be wrong!

Now who says there are no money in porn? That we have fewer webmasters than ever? In more less one year the good guys over at plugrush has managed to attract more than 10.000 webmasters. They hit that mark yesterday.

That’s a lot of people buying, selling and trading quality adult traffic every single day.

So if you aren’t in on the action yet, I highly recommend that you go and signup today!


Buying Mobile traffic? Here’s a free tip!

Remember to explicitly ask for CARRIER BASED TRAFFIC or you risk getting a ton of WiFi based traffic. I recently threw out thousands of dollars because I forgot this simple detail. Basically the problem was that programs such as Sex Goes Mobile and Affil4You can only bill via carrier and the traffic brokers knows this. So be weary and ask before you buy or trade traffic or you risk getting useless traffic.

Happy revenue hunting and hit me up on ICQ 88954595 if you have questions, comments or suggestions!

Filtering traffic on adult websites

Filtering traffic on adult websites

This guide will introduce you and (hopefully) give you the skills to start filtering traffic. Traffic filtering is actually quite simple and requires very little to no technical knowledge. Sure you need to be able to make a link and tell the difference between once niche and the other, but since you are reading this I presume you can.

When you filter traffic you are basically trying to drill the visitor down to the narrowest niche you have. Why? Because the more narrow the niche, the better the conversion ratio and vice versa. Everyone will tell you that a niche like Blondes with big tits fucking wearing latex boots will have a better ratio than a general site about teens. Sure it gets less traffic, so like everything else involving money on the internet, it’s a numbers game.

Filtering happens when a visitors clicks on a link that describes a more narrow niche than what he came from, it works in multiple ways, but the most simple is something like this:

Imagine you have an adult general tube site. A visitor lands on the tubesite, clicks a video with the title Big Titty Maid fucked by a BBC. Now you don’t know if he clicked the video because he likes maids, girls with big tits or girls fucked by a big black cock. Maybe it’s a combination… you don’t know, but you can find out. So when he’s watching this video, you will want to present to him links that are titled along the lines of:

–          Big black cock

–          Big tits

–          Maids

Since this video also has a brunette teen girl in it, you’ll want to add that to the list too. Anything else that could relate would be nice and since you shouldn’t shy from allowing the user to go “up” in niche (form a more narrow niche to a more general niche), you would have links/videos/content that matches all of this:

–          Big black cock

–          Big tits

–          Maids

–          Teen

–          Brunette

–          Interracial

In this case, the user clicks Maids. Now he gets all videos with the search term ‘maids’ in it. He clicks a video with a smoking maid fucked by her boss.

That is a very specific niche, so when the user is there, try to only present him with content in that niche and your conversions should improve.

Confused? Well let’s try something simpler. Blogs. Everyone loves blogs because they are simple. Let’s say you have a blog that gets tons of teen traffic, but you can’t convert it. On your blog with teen traffic you can filter your traffic by including links to more specific niches such as:

–          Brunette teens

–          Blonde teens

–          Redhead teens

–          Big tit teens

–          Small tit teens

–          Asian teens

–          Ebony teens

–          Fetish teens

And so on. Let’s say the visitor clicks on big tit teens, that blog should have content that sells teens with big tits, under there you could have more narrow links like:

–          Big tit brunette teens

–          Big tit brunette teens

–          Big tit redhead teens

–          Big tit Asian teens

–          Big tit ebony teens

–          Big tit latex teens

And so on. For kicks, let’s say that the user clicks on ‘big tit latex teens’ and now you are very narrow, but this is a niche where you have even more specific content so you present the user with content allowing them to click on:

–          Smoking latex teens

–          Spanked latex teens

–          Bondage latex teens

–          Gang banged latex teens

The user chooses bondage latex teens, and then clicks on someone smoking and then on a blonde girl smoking while in her latex suit spreading her legs revealing a shaved pussy.
Now you’ve reached the bottom of your filtering funnel. You simply don’t have anything more specific than, the bottom of any funnel is always narrow. That means traffic will be much smaller than the top of the funnel (in this case it was teen -> big tit teens-> big tit latex teens -> big tit latex smoking teens -> blonde big tit latex smoking teen.

That’s a pretty specific niche, very narrow and doesn’t get a lot of search traffic. You may not even find more than a few galleries in this area across sponsors, but the conversions will be a lot better than the general term teen.

So to put it in another way, you filter traffic by allowing the user to go from general porn niches to more narrow niches.

A good way to trade filtered traffic is to use PlugRush. I will write a guide on how to do that later, but for now (if you haven’t) you should go and sign-up to get started selling, trading and buying traffic.