Sex Goes Mobile affiliates needs to read this!

No drama. But I’ve been looking at and talking to webmasters referred to SGM and realized something.

If you experience that your earnings aren’t what you expect within the first one/two weeks, you need to realize that SGM is a revenue share service. So your earnings will grow over time. If you don’t trust me, have one of your mobile whitelabels, links or ads stay up for a few months. Go back and see how that earning has grown. Now multiply that with your network and see what you can earn (and what you’ve missed).

Compared to what I made the first and second month using Sex Goes Mobile when I stared last year (february 2011) to today, the revenue has increased more than 40 times. I can’t find a program where I can push mobile traffic, that gives this good results. I just can’t. But I also admit, that SGM doesn’t work for all types of traffic or niches. If it doesn’t convert, you can make the best by simply selling the traffic to either PlugRush or JuicyAds.


Mobile Porn Sells!

That’s it. I could conclude my post here, but that’d be lame.

Back from 10 days in the sun to check my numbers and see that August closed with mobile being more than 85% of my sales now. It seems that these days, the only thing that sells are mobile porn, uk dating and mainstream shit.

So how did August close? Well it’s up, every month this year has been up. Traffic is dropping on old sites, but growing on new – don’t know if that’s a bad thing, but seeing how I’m selling more, it can’ t be – hell, regardless of what anyone tells you, fuck the traffic numbers, fuck the bounce rate – cash is king and what you get paid is what matters. When you aren’t getting paid, you are doing it wrong and you can start looking at all the traffic numbers and your content, when you are getting paid (especially in these crisis times!) you are doing something right – keep doing it and do more of it!

So August closed on a high note, mobile porn programs like Sex Goes Mobile keeps climbing. NastyDollars did pretty well with their mobile version of Reality Kings Mobile, PimpRoll did OK for an August with their regular sites and one of my old big sells appear to be back – Serious Coin.

So back to the mobile porn business. Let’s just lay it out as it is: In august I did a total of 3407 sales. And here’s the kicker, almost 2500 of those were subwebmaster sales! Don’t take my word for it, you need to push it yourself. I know for a fact that the dude how is netting more than 10K EUR a month from this ONE program a month is using redirecting his geo filtered TUBE traffic to Sex Goes Mobile. That’s a shitload of money you are probably wasting right now.

Mobile sales are rocking!

I was checking my stats today and noticed these numbers for one mobile sponsor:

Uniques: 40.426
Sales: 46
Rebills: 368

That’s pretty fucking awesome if you ask me and if you know any program that rebills better let me know! I don’t. Check out SGM today if you want to make bank, and they pay out in Euro too!

Their webmaster area is a bit tricky, so if you want to get started fast – either contact an account rep or read my guide on how to monetize mobile adult traffic.

Track your adult earnings!

As an adult affiliate you probably know the headache it is to keep track of your earnings! Well I’ve found a perfect solution that fits my needs: Nifty Stats!

There’s a free version (with banners and a pop-up from time to time) and a paid version. I started using the free version about a year ago, and realized that promoting well over 300 programs, the 15 I could track with Nifty Stats free version, was OK, but I needed to see the big picture!

Here are some of the features:

Main Features:

  • More than 1500 affiliate programs
  • E-mail notification of every new sale
  • E-mail notification – daily report
  • Verification of the sponsors payout
  • Graphic sales analysis
  • Setting “Download Statistics Since”
  • Data Safety ( client-side software )
  • Simple to add an affiliate program
  • Auto download affiliate stats
  • Printing of stats
  • Report sales for individual days
  • The Full Screen option
  • Set up the dollar and euro conversion rate
  • Automatic adding/deducting of custom stats
  • Support of secure SMTP
  • Space for your notes on programs
  • Estimated earnings for last month
  • Turn statistics download on/off
  • Modify affiliate program names
  • Set up the number of threads
  • Set up the number of attempts
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Adjustable Nifty Stats interface
  • Sales reports for individual days
  • Simple to add an affiliate program
  • Setting a time interval for stats auto-download
  • Mobile Statistics
  • Automatic payout downloads
  • Regular updates to the affiliate programs database