MondoBucks launches a new paysite and updates their affiliate program

The affiliate program has had a makeover. In this day and age, everything has to be responsive so the good people that has the oldest pussy pump paysite alive, has launched a new version of the affiliate program.

With it comes feeds, new responsive galleries and the brand new paysite: – featuring softcore and hardcore babes in full high definition.


Remember that pays it’s affilaites up to 70% revenue share, so if you have fetish or babe traffic, I recommend you check them out today!


.xxx domain owners can now safely host with easyXsites

At the request of the ICM Registry, easyXsites has added a 2257 statement to all tube sites. This means that owners of the domain extension .xxx can now safely use easyXsites to build their tube sites.

The resent release of the sponsored content module, means that a new monetization stream has been added. So besides displaying advertisements and sending traffic to tube sites that pay per 1000 visits, you can now promote your favorite sponsors and their paysites. The module currently has more than one hundred thousand videos ready for import, all of them come complete with your affiliate join codes.

As always, easyXsites is 100% free. No traffic skimmed. No ads are displayed but those the webmaster adds himself. If you have a dormant domain or an .xxx domain that you would like to see ranked in Google again, easyXsites is the way to go!

Big Pussy! Big Money!

Things are booming over at – we are getting good reviews and sales are starting to roll in. We are seeing affiliates starting to sell too and we want you to be part of this success. We believe in equality and fairness in our business, this means that we offer 50% revenue share for life. We share the income, we share the processing costs – everything 50/50 and there is no shady stuff going on. is all about big pussy lips, pumped up pussies and hot hardcore horny girls with big pussies getting fucked. So if you have any hardcore, pussy or big pussy lips traffic, head on over to today and get started.

MondoBucks is a CCBill based affiliate program, this means that there is no shaving, your sales are YOUR sales and payouts are ALWAYS on time. We are adding new tools and promo content every week and if you ever need anything, our affiliate manager Cristian is always there to help you out!

Promote via

Big Pussy Lips Fetish WebsiteUnique Niche Fetish Website —A niche site with carefully targeted content for a very specific audience, MondoLabia is one of the largest and oldest big pussy-lip paysites on the web, featuring unique labia porn content that dates back to 2005 and includes more than 500 videos available in an exclusive HD collection for fans of fast streaming or fully downloadable adult entertainment.

For the first time, can be promoted through the affiliate program using the CCBill affiliate payout platform. The upgrades come as part of the transition from the former owner to EJ Networks, best known for and other popular webmaster products in the past. The new platform will include built-in Like buttons, Favorites functionality, Playlists, Interactive community features and fully compatible mobile device support for phones and tablets, with plenty more improvements on the way.

We’ve taken over the site from the original owner and brushed-up the content, moved everything to a brand new modern platform and integrated the affiliate tools that webmasters want most for easy promotion and guaranteed payouts,” said Markul of “Direct payments from CCBill for up to 70 percent of each sale on under-saturated content that converts and retains a very specific audience of fetish fans is the best way to make money in the modern porn era, and everyone here at EJ Network is here to help – whether you are a brand new webmaster seeking your first few sales or a whale ready to cash in on content that isn’t already available everywhere else.”

Affiliates and traffic partners interested in promoting or creating custom campaigns and marketing alliances may contact MondoBucks affiliate manager Cristian via ICQ: 681533292 or by email at [email protected].

easyXsites sponsor module guide

Introduction to the Sponsor Module

The sponsored easyXsites content module allows you to populate your easyXtubes site with legal sponsor hosted content. All you need to do is add your tracking ID and import the videos to your tube site. You can add thousands of videos in minutes with just a few clicks of a button. Niche based and everything! With 2257 links so you will be complying fully.

Step 1 – sign up to sponsors

Help keep easyXsites free by using our referral links when signing up for sponsors. If you are already signed up, you do not need to do so again, but if you are not. Please be a bro and use our link by clicking on the sign-up button, it will not cost you anything.


Step 2 – configure tracking id

This bit is very important! If you want to get paid for your hard work, you better make damn sure that your tracking id is set right. So how do you do this? It’s simple, go to the sponsor and find a linking code.

Now you go back to easyXsites sponsored content module and click on the ‘Add tracking’ button, it looks like this:

Now you get a pop-up with an example tracking code from that sponsor you are configuring the tracking ID from. In this case it’s AEBN:

Now you ONLY need to add that part where it says YOURSPONOSRIDHERE, not the full URL. So in this case it looks like this when done correctly:


Press the save button and you are done!

Step 3 – import sponsor content to your easyxtube

Go to the tubesite you wish to import sponsor videos to. Navigate to the Video menu item and click on Import Sponsor Video.


In here, you can choose to import all the sponsors you have enabled or choose more specific type of vidoes. You can drilldown on sponsor, stream (type) or niche. Now depending on the amount of sponsors you have enabled, loading times here can take a while:


Once you are happy with your selection, simply hit import videos and your videos are imported.

If you want to schedule your videos to be released at a rate of, say, 500 a day, you need to go to ‘Settings -> General’ on your tubesite and enable the auto-schedule feature:


Enjoy. Don’t have an user? Go get one now! It’s free and you can build as many adult blogs and adult tubesites as you wish!



New mobile sponsor opens – a unique chance for you!

Register with VPSMobile today and earn 30% more than regular affiliates!

VPSMobile has launched october 1st this year and I have an exclusive offer for readers of my blog. If you register and generate traffic before November, you will be bumped to gold level for at least 2 months. This means that your payout is raised with 30% compared to a regular affiliate.

How to register

You need to use the link above and e-mail the affiliate manager on this e-mail: [email protected] – and you need to let him know that you came from and the username you registered with. He will contact you and get you setup as a gold affiliate.

To get started you can use regular redirect codes, banners and the usual. But what’s really cool is their whitelabel builder, that allows you to create a whitelabel tube in less than 3 minutes (seriously, I made 2 in that time lol). You can add tracking, use their subdomain or use your own domain and write SEO copy for your whitelabel.

If you want to check out a mobile adult whitelabel site, take a look at

Registering is easy, their program interface is slick and very nice to use. I have high hopes for these guys from Netherlands. They are expanding the countries they can do mobile billing on, currently being: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Shortly they will have a backup biller for credit cards, making it safe to send US and all other countries there. So if you have adult mobile traffic, I highly recommend registering today to get the industry’s highest payout percentage for mobile trafic!


New program converting at 1:128

WoWDollars has just launched and you want to get aboard this winner! 

Brand new program featuring some of the hottest girls out there, it has a members area that’ll make you drool and supposedly it converts at 1:128! (source). So if you are looking to convert some babe, teen or lesbian traffic – check out wowdollars today!


So if you haven’t yet, SIGN UP TODAY!

Who pays the most for adult mobile redirects?

The Next Generation Traffic Network

In the last month, the average mobile redirect CPM has been (hold on) $10.1! That’s pretty crazy and I don’t know anywhere else where you can get that high a payout. The traffic consists of:

US: 51.9 %
UK: 14.2 %
FR: 5.1 %
SG: 4.3 %
DE: 3.5 %
CA: 3%
Other: 18 %

So it’s not because it’s all T1 traffic. Not at all. Now who said there was no money in porn huh? On top of that, they will sell your regular clicked and even blinde traff, if it can’t be sold it’ll be traded at a (for me) return rate of  2921.81 % I know it sounds crazy but it’s not, check this out:

PlugRush traffic trading stats screenshot









Yea I’ve blanked out the the actual numbers, but those are not important. What’s important is that for every visitor you send away you get almost 300 times back. Also you need to realize that the ones you get back are people that click a thumbnail YOU upload. So they want to see what they click and we all know that’s a better conversion ratio.  I’ve literally had sites get thousands of clicks a day, going from zero traffic to something – very useful when powering up your tradescripts. This way you don’t need to go and buy feeder traffic no more.

How’s it possible? Well go and ready on GFY, but PlugRush has their own sites they use to feed the network. These are good guys, they pay on time, every time and they’ve been in the business for years. Let’s hope they stay around for years cause they are making me (and a ton of other people) good money! So go and signup with PlugRush today!

Does adult mobile sales rebill? Hell yes!

Here is why you want to stick with SGM. Once you get your whitelabel up, you need to keep pouring traffic into it. Now you may not make a lot of sales, but the sales you DO make WILL rebill.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, here  is one of my whitelabels. I have a few hundred of these, but for illustration purposes this one is pretty good as I know the traffic source of this. It’s mainly filtered german traffic.

Here are the initial sales:
New adult mobile whitelabel sales










Now take a look at the rebills, naturally these rebills are accumulated over the past year or so, I’ll show you some total numbers for this adult mobile whitelabel  later. But now the rebills:

adult mobile rebills










How about that! Now let’s look at the total numbers since this particular whitelabel has been up. The whitelabel was setup on may 2011, so here are the new sales from day one until today:

Yearly mobile whitelabel sales









Here are the renewals for that year:

Rebilled subscriptions for mobile whitelabel










So for the year this whitelabel made only 13 sales with 9070 hits. Not to great? Well it’s not really targeted, it’s just a hit and run thing. But notice how those 19 sales became 205 rebills!! Now that’s looking a bit better, how often do you make almost 200 Euro from 9070 mobile hits? Duh! So if you were waiting, don’t.

Go and signup for SGM right now!

Get $10 CPM for your adult mobile traffic!

That’s right, right now the company paying most for adult mobile redirects are PlugRush, here are some average numbers:
2012-04-06 $11.16
2012-04-05 $10.76
2012-04-04 $9.88
2012-04-03 $9.22
2012-04-02 $10.14
2012-04-01 $11.82
2012-03-31 $11.79
Those numbers beat JuicyAds who’s dropped to an average eCPM of around $5. So get those mobile redirects up and start earning!