Mobile Porn Sells!

That’s it. I could conclude my post here, but that’d be lame.

Back from 10 days in the sun to check my numbers and see that August closed with mobile being more than 85% of my sales now. It seems that these days, the only thing that sells are mobile porn, uk dating and mainstream shit.

So how did August close? Well it’s up, every month this year has been up. Traffic is dropping on old sites, but growing on new – don’t know if that’s a bad thing, but seeing how I’m selling more, it can’ t be – hell, regardless of what anyone tells you, fuck the traffic numbers, fuck the bounce rate – cash is king and what you get paid is what matters. When you aren’t getting paid, you are doing it wrong and you can start looking at all the traffic numbers and your content, when you are getting paid (especially in these crisis times!) you are doing something right – keep doing it and do more of it!

So August closed on a high note, mobile porn programs like Sex Goes Mobile keeps climbing. NastyDollars did pretty well with their mobile version of Reality Kings Mobile, PimpRoll did OK for an August with their regular sites and one of my old big sells appear to be back – Serious Coin.

So back to the mobile porn business. Let’s just lay it out as it is: In august I did a total of 3407 sales. And here’s the kicker, almost 2500 of those were subwebmaster sales! Don’t take my word for it, you need to push it yourself. I know for a fact that the dude how is netting more than 10K EUR a month from this ONE program a month is using redirecting his geo filtered TUBE traffic to Sex Goes Mobile. That’s a shitload of money you are probably wasting right now.

What countries convert with SGM?

I’ve had a look at the countries converting for me with Sex Goes Mobile, they may not be the same for you but it’s a good pointer anyhow. Check this out:

Mobile Porn Countries Convertion with SGM
Mobile Porn Countries Convertion with SGM

SGM Convertion Ratios for June 2011 – Converting Mobile Visitors

June was a pretty good month for mobile, probably a lot better for mobile than for desktop users. People do still watch porn on vacation and most need to do it on their mobile phone. What’s great is that in Europe, almost everyone can pay with their mobile. Fast, secure and descreet.

So if you aren’t converting your European mobile traffic yet, you need to start doing so! Head over here and signup for SGM!

So the ratio ended at 1:5. That’s right, well actually it’s more like 1:5,77 but where the fuck else can you convert with ratios like that? If you do know any place, you need to hit me up asap! Especially if they can convert US traffic.

SGM Mobile Traffic Ratioes June 2011