Does adult mobile sales rebill? Hell yes!

Here is why you want to stick with SGM. Once you get your whitelabel up, you need to keep pouring traffic into it. Now you may not make a lot of sales, but the sales you DO make WILL rebill.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, here  is one of my whitelabels. I have a few hundred of these, but for illustration purposes this one is pretty good as I know the traffic source of this. It’s mainly filtered german traffic.

Here are the initial sales:
New adult mobile whitelabel sales










Now take a look at the rebills, naturally these rebills are accumulated over the past year or so, I’ll show you some total numbers for this adult mobile whitelabel  later. But now the rebills:

adult mobile rebills










How about that! Now let’s look at the total numbers since this particular whitelabel has been up. The whitelabel was setup on may 2011, so here are the new sales from day one until today:

Yearly mobile whitelabel sales









Here are the renewals for that year:

Rebilled subscriptions for mobile whitelabel










So for the year this whitelabel made only 13 sales with 9070 hits. Not to great? Well it’s not really targeted, it’s just a hit and run thing. But notice how those 19 sales became 205 rebills!! Now that’s looking a bit better, how often do you make almost 200 Euro from 9070 mobile hits? Duh! So if you were waiting, don’t.

Go and signup for SGM right now!

March adult mobile earnings with SGM

I’m not afraid to show how much I made with one of my adult mobile sponsor programs last month. People usually never want to share their stats, but seeing how so many people have a hard time converting adult mobile visitors, I want to show you where to do it (and if you want me to: how).

These figures are in euro and if you wonder about the ratio, here’s the explanation:
1. I’ve been pushing this program a long time and,
2. Mobile rebills sometimes DAILY and some of those people that signed up ages ago still rebills.

The rebill amount is small but since there are a lot of them, it adds up. So what are you waiting for? Go get signed up with SGM today!

Need to change your SGM mobile adult whitelabel niche?

No problem at all, expect you need a list of what the niches are. So I asked Sex Goes Mobile about it and here it is. You need to change the portal ID in order to change the niche of your adult mobile whitelabel site from SGM:

14 Funny Videos
15 Adult Stars
16 FSK 12 Videos
18 Gay Videos
19 lesben Videos
20 outdoor Videos
21 Titten Videos
26 Fetisch Videos
38 Granny Videos
43 Tranny Videos
59 Teen Videos
61 Milf Videos
69 Fat Videos
141 exgf
171 Blond
174 Black
173 Voyeur

So if you are looking for an extremely flexible adult mobile whitelabel solution, look no further. This will change content, language and billing in order to what converts best with your traffic. It’s a win win situation and it rebills like crazy!


One month of sales with Sex Goes Mobile

A picture is worth a thousand words… or in this case 594 Euro. Naturally this is targeted mobile adult traffic, but it still beats any program out there. Check it out and learn more about sex goes mobile right here!

Improved adult mobile billing in Sweden, South Africa, Turkey and Netherlands

Tried of not being able to convert your adult visitors from Sweden, South Africa, Turkey and/or Netherlands? Well Sex Goes Mobile has increased their billing options and optimized them for those countries, so go grab a whitelabel and try it out today!

If you need to trade traffic to get the volumne to test it, filter or otherwise optimize your mobile or desktop adult websites, I still point to PlugRush.

Mobile Porn Sells!

That’s it. I could conclude my post here, but that’d be lame.

Back from 10 days in the sun to check my numbers and see that August closed with mobile being more than 85% of my sales now. It seems that these days, the only thing that sells are mobile porn, uk dating and mainstream shit.

So how did August close? Well it’s up, every month this year has been up. Traffic is dropping on old sites, but growing on new – don’t know if that’s a bad thing, but seeing how I’m selling more, it can’ t be – hell, regardless of what anyone tells you, fuck the traffic numbers, fuck the bounce rate – cash is king and what you get paid is what matters. When you aren’t getting paid, you are doing it wrong and you can start looking at all the traffic numbers and your content, when you are getting paid (especially in these crisis times!) you are doing something right – keep doing it and do more of it!

So August closed on a high note, mobile porn programs like Sex Goes Mobile keeps climbing. NastyDollars did pretty well with their mobile version of Reality Kings Mobile, PimpRoll did OK for an August with their regular sites and one of my old big sells appear to be back – Serious Coin.

So back to the mobile porn business. Let’s just lay it out as it is: In august I did a total of 3407 sales. And here’s the kicker, almost 2500 of those were subwebmaster sales! Don’t take my word for it, you need to push it yourself. I know for a fact that the dude how is netting more than 10K EUR a month from this ONE program a month is using redirecting his geo filtered TUBE traffic to Sex Goes Mobile. That’s a shitload of money you are probably wasting right now.

How to monetize your foreign adult mobile traffic?

It’s pretty simple to get started, all you need to do is go and signup with SGM right here. I’ve tested a lot of programs and these are by far the best and have a lot of different billing options available.

The affiliate managers over at SGM are very helpful and can create a lot of WL solutions – that you host – with less than 24 hour turnaround. Even in the weekends.

Step 1:
If you want to get started right away, go and download a template. You can do that right here.

Step 2:
Once that’s done, go to the SGM site, login, hit Advanced in the menu -> hit more under branding -> create new branding -> fillout the fields and hit save and go back -> copy the Link ID for the next step.

Step 3:
You now need to open the index.php file from the template you just downloaded add the link id you just created under: $LINKID

Please note that you can use Google tracking if you wish, just replace the UA with MO and add it to the index.php file.

This template is multi-niche and auto-changes based on geo location, which means it’s optimized by the SGM team to present the content that converts best to the target audience. For instance, AU people seem fond of SGMs camsex and as such, presents that to them.

Naturally you can have any template built by the SGM affiliate team, but this is just if you want to get started quick and see how things convert. If you have a decent amount of non-crap traffic, you should be able to see results with in 24 hours. Their stats are updated on an hourly basis, so probably with one hour.

Step 4:
Upload the files to your domain, use domainname.extension/mobile or use a subdomain.

Step 5:
Once that is done, you’ll need to go and fetch a mobile redirect script, do that here.

Step 6:
You’ll need to edit the file geoweiche.php on line 4 & 5. Line 4 is the URL where you want all NON-US traffic to go to, line 5 is where you want all US traffic to go to. If you want to exclude more than US traffic from the line 4 URL, remove the country codes from line 8.

Now upload the mobile detection file to your host and copy the PHP redirection script from the file geoweiche.php.

Step 7:
Now you need to add the PHP redirection script from the geoweiche.php file to your index page.

That’s it, now lean back and watch the money roll in. As always, hit me up if you need anything! Please note, SGM converts all mobile traffic types except US traffic – test it yourself, you will find no better programs out there!

Mobile conversion stats for May is out!

It’s rocking on Sex Goes Mobile with a ratio of 1:11 for May 2011. That’s right, ever 11 redirected visitor I’ve sent to SGM converts!

If you take a look at your traffic, I’m sure you’ll see the same that I noticed – between 10-25% are using mobile devices – you can now do the math. My average sale is worth between 2-5 EURO, now multiply that with your mobile traffic and you can see just how much money you are missing every single day.

So what are you waiting for, go and sign up today. Contact me on ICQ 88954595 with your WM ID and I can help you get setup real quick. You can also just contact one of the account reps and they’ll get your rocking in no time!