Trade traffic and win with PlugRush

Right now is a good time to start trading traffic with PlugRush. They are running a widget competition and as such, are probably gaining a lot of traffic. This means more traffic to trade (and traffic to buy if you are an advertiser).

Trading traffic is simple, you just have to create plugs. What’s a plug you say? It’s an ad. But it’s free ad for your content.

To create a plug with PlugRush, first you pick a piece of content that you want to promote. In this case we’ve taken a blog post, but you can use video clips or anything you want really. Once you have found your content, you go to: Publishers -> Plugs and click on Add Plug.

Select the website, the plug type (most will be regular plugs, unless you run a gallery site). A URL to the content in the plug (this is the URL that the traffic will go to!).

Now give your plug a title and description that matches the content on the page and in the image. Add a thumbnail with content that matches the content on the page. This is important, if you do not do this your plug will be rejected. Pick the category/ies that matches the content.

Here is an example:














Now hit save.

Crop the image so it looks good, don’t make it too so small that it gets pixelated. Here is what I did:









Now your site will be listed as pending and you can go back to create more:






There is no limit to the amount of plugs you can create. The more you create the more traffic you will get. Once your plugs starts getting approved, you will want to go back and check how they peform. Good plugs will have a low CTR, that means a low amount of views is required for a click.

Like this one:





This plug got me 30.833 visitors. See how the CTR is “low”? You want to aim for that. Once you find the formula for what works for you, start building!

So what are you waiting for? Grow you traffic today with PlugRush traffic trading!

Blind or Plug traffic from PlugRush?

What’s the difference between Blind and Plug traffic in PlugRush?

Plug traffic is unique clicked adult traffic, coming from widgets you create.

Blind traffic is non-unique clicked adult traffic, coming from widgets you create. Non-unique simply means that this particular surfer has already visited the site that the thumb displays.

This means that as a surfer, the visitor has actually clicked something and thus is not like regular blind adult traffic that is just redirected on page load. As a buyer this means that while blind trafficis no where near as good as adult plug traffic, it is still much better that regular adult blind traffic.

Why? Because rule of converting anything via advertisement is, that the place you land  must display the same message as what you clicked. And while the blind traffic might not be the exact content that user clicked, it is still in the same niche.

This is good to know as an adult advertiser.

Since we are all surfers as well as webmasters, we know that being redirected when landing on a website is pretty annoying, but we also expect to go somewhere when we click a banner or something else – so when you click something, you are somewhat less annoyed at the result – than if you were expecting a certain website to load and ends up somewhere else entirely . So it’s a huge advantage that PlugRush works like this, because your surfers won’t be pissed off as much compared to other methods.

This is good to know as an adult publisher.

Creating a Plug with PlugRush

This post should help guide you on to how you create a plug in PlugRush. First sign-in, then go to Publishers -> Plugs and click Add Plug. Choose your website and type (always go with Regular Plug if you don’t know the difference, and your probably don’t since you are reading this).

In this guide we are creating a plug for one a free tubesite created using We’ve picked this video to create the plug to:

So you need a screenshot, you can do one yourself or use the one that comes with the video. We’ve used the one that came with the video (by right clicking on it and choosing ‘copy image url’. Now we need to insert it all into PlugRush.

1. Input the Plug URL (that’s the url to the video on your tube or if you are doing a blog post, the URL to your blog).

2. Write a short descriptive title

3. Write a short descriptive description, don’t copy paste the title into this field.

4. Input the ‘thumbnail url’ or upload the thumbnail file.

5. Pick the category (niche) of the video clip – now make sure that it’s something that matches what you can see in the thumbnail! And don’t pick too many, you want the traffic to be targeted to your niche after all.

It should look something like this, when you are ready to save it:

creating a plug with plugrush example











When you hit save, you are prompted to crop the thumbnail. Make sure you do now show any logo’s when you do. So in this case, we crop like this:

Example of cropping a plug in plugrush












That’s it, now you hit save and wait for the Plug to be approved. That usually happens quite fast. Once approved, be sure to go back from time to time and remove those that has a bad click through ratio (CTR) and learn by doing – so be sure to find out what kind of images are clicked more by others so you improve yourself all the time 😉