Who pays the most for adult mobile redirects?

The Next Generation Traffic Network

In the last month, the average mobile redirect CPM has been (hold on) $10.1! That’s pretty crazy and I don’t know anywhere else where you can get that high a payout. The traffic consists of:

US: 51.9 %
UK: 14.2 %
FR: 5.1 %
SG: 4.3 %
DE: 3.5 %
CA: 3%
Other: 18 %

So it’s not because it’s all T1 traffic. Not at all. Now who said there was no money in porn huh? On top of that, they will sell your regular clicked and even blinde traff, if it can’t be sold it’ll be traded at a (for me) return rate of  2921.81 % I know it sounds crazy but it’s not, check this out:

PlugRush traffic trading stats screenshot









Yea I’ve blanked out the the actual numbers, but those are not important. What’s important is that for every visitor you send away you get almost 300 times back. Also you need to realize that the ones you get back are people that click a thumbnail YOU upload. So they want to see what they click and we all know that’s a better conversion ratio.  I’ve literally had sites get thousands of clicks a day, going from zero traffic to something – very useful when powering up your tradescripts. This way you don’t need to go and buy feeder traffic no more.

How’s it possible? Well go and ready on GFY, but PlugRush has their own sites they use to feed the network. These are good guys, they pay on time, every time and they’ve been in the business for years. Let’s hope they stay around for years cause they are making me (and a ton of other people) good money! So go and signup with PlugRush today!

PlugRush makes your money and brings you traffic

Are you looking for top quality traffic? A premium adult traffic trading system? Well look no further. PlugRush has it all!

Adult Traffic

Plugrush will return traffic for each visitor you sell AND pay you at the same time! So get your hands on your widgets today!

Having tested this program for a few months now I can say with confidence, that you will not find any place paying better for your traffic and the fact that you automatically trade all traffic that can’t be sold, is pretty awesome. Your site increases in visitors, and since it’s all clicked traffic you are getting (your create the plug image, so match the plug image with your site = better convertion, retention etc) your bounce rate is kept low and we all know that’s one of the key parameters that google and many other search engines are looking at these days.

As always, hit me up on ICQ if you need assistance.

SGM Convertion Ratios for June 2011 – Converting Mobile Visitors

June was a pretty good month for mobile, probably a lot better for mobile than for desktop users. People do still watch porn on vacation and most need to do it on their mobile phone. What’s great is that in Europe, almost everyone can pay with their mobile. Fast, secure and descreet.

So if you aren’t converting your European mobile traffic yet, you need to start doing so! Head over here and signup for SGM!

So the ratio ended at 1:5. That’s right, well actually it’s more like 1:5,77 but where the fuck else can you convert with ratios like that? If you do know any place, you need to hit me up asap! Especially if they can convert US traffic.

SGM Mobile Traffic Ratioes June 2011