Free Money Making Guide for easyXsites users

Use Responsive PlugRush Ads on  easyXsites!

Not too long ago easyXsites released their new blog script, this script meant that everyone can now add their own banners to blogs and have a lot more freedom than the old script allowed. As always, you can use the new PlugRush widgets on the tube script.

But it also meant that you need to re-add your PlugRush ad widgets to your blog if they were missing!

So if you still haven’t done this, you should get to work because PlugRush widgets will earn you both traffic and cool cash.

UPDATE: PlugRush has now released their responsive widgets for everyone, so please update all your widgets to the responsive version to ensure that you monetize your mobile adult traffic!

In this adult webmaster guide you will find a simple guide to getting it done. The guide works for both blogs and tubes, so let’s get started adding some adzone widgets to your adult site so you can start earning some money!

1. First log into your easyXblog or your easyXtube and sign into PlugRush.

2. Find your site in PlugRush, click ‘Manage Adzones‘, copy the prXXXXXX part of the Library Integration code for your site, like this:

 3. You now go to your SEO Editor page on the site (Manage Site -> SEO) and input the pr code you copied, like this:

 Remember to save the code, by clicking the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom of the page!

4. Now you go back to PlugRush and create an adzone. But make sure that you opt in for the new and responsive adzones for your sites first, by enabling ‘PlugRush Labs’, like so:

 5. Now you are ready to create your first Adzone. You do this by clicking ‘Create Adzone’ and then you pick the ‘Widget 2.0′ option (if you don’t have the ‘Widget 2.0’ option, you can wait for it to be enabled or add the old widgets.If you add the old widgets, easyXsites can update them for you later when the 2.0 widgets are released for everyone!

You should now see a screen that looks like this:

Pick the responsive option. You want this. Responsive means the wiget will adapt to the size of the screen your visitor is using – this is a must – so please always have the responsive option set to on. Google will love it!

Now you select the size:


The size you pick is the minimum size that the widget will load, so do not make this too big.


Now you can customize it with niches and types. Try out the different styles, but usually the default one works the best. Once you are done customizing the widget, hit ‘Save as a new widget’, give your widget a name and hit ‘Save widget’. Now a box appears with a bunch of code, copy this part:


6. You are now ready to add your adzone widget to your site, so go back to your easyXsite and navigate to ‘Manage Site -> Layout’ and once there, you click the ‘New Ad Widget’ button and select ‘New Javascript Ad’ – like so:

 7. Now you give your adzone a title and paste the code you copied from PlugRush, you can use basic html in this box. Like this:

You hit ‘Save Ad’ and then you drag the adzone into the area where you want it to display. You drag by left clicking on the widget and holding the mouse button down, drag it and release it in the zone where you want it to appear.

In this example, we want it to be a header ad, so we drag it into the Top Content area, like so:

Voila! You are now done, your adzone widget should appear on your site and you are now earning money and trading traffic!

Here is how it looks on the example site:

That’s it! You are ready to start making money and trade traffic at the same time. It’s quite simple really, if any traffic that isn’t sold is traded. So if you send 1000 US visitors, you get 1000 fresh US visitors back to your site. You might think why would I trade 1000 for 1000? Isn’t that like swapping beer? Maybe, but the beer you are swapping is not the same and maybe you like what you get more than what you had….

In other words, 1000 fresh visitors to your site will raise the awareness – it’s 1000 NEW people that don’t know your site and maybe they like your site and bookmarks it. Then they come back.. again and again.

So what are you waiting for!?! Join the community of more than ten thousand webmasters over at and get started using PlugRush today! I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

SGM Mobile White Labels are still KING

September 2013 is closing and as such, I had a look at the different mobile solutions out there and if you are looking for a whitelabel mobile paysite solution to send traffic to, then SGM has the best selling ones… hands down!

This month, the best converting countries with mobile traffic has been Germany (no surprise there!), Turkey (big surprise there!), Austria (as always), Singapore (steady) and Italy (that’s a first!) as you can see from this screenshot:

Top converting mobile countries in September with SGM










So if you haven’t already, you should create a mobile white label porn site with SGM. That way you can redirect your mobile visitors to or – you’ll keep the search engine juice and earn bucks. Sales with SGM has a great mobile rebill ratio, so while they may be small in terms of earnings per sale, you should look at the rebill ratio. It’s pretty awesome. And if you need help getting setup, hit me up 🙂

Make money from on site searches in adult

mySearchTraffic is a new innovative program that allows webmasters, advertisers and affiliate programs to all come together and make money on your onsite search traffic.

As a webmaster (publisher) you can implement a search bar, either via a Java script or a wordpress plugin and select what sponsors (affiliate program) you want to promote and sell advertisement to advertisers. Searches on the search bar will then present results that matches the search, but are actually ads / paysite links.

As an advertiser you can get keyword targeted clicked search traffic that, what’s not to love about that!

As a sponsor (affiliate program) you can get your content into the search engine and attract very targeted adult traffic as well as be exposed to new affiliates!

We will certainly be checking MST out and are now putting it in the pipe to be integrated into easyXsites so we offer our users a new revenue stream here.

Who pays the most for adult pop-unders?

It’s a good question to ask and I hear it often, the answer is:

This changes and varies depending on your traffic demographics and the type (is it an iPhone user, a PC desktop or a MAC for example).

The only real way to find out how to get he most for your adult pop-under traffic, is to test different brokers.

TIP: When you test, make sure you use the same traffic source and test with a good volume. Don’t decide when you’ve sold 1000 visits. Decide when you’ve sold 10000 or 100000.

Right now, I would test two different brokers:
PlugRush and Pop-Cash.

Test each for a week or a month and then decided who you want to sell your adult pop-under inventory to 🙂

5241 % Return ratio on adult traffic trading? You better believe it!

Check it out, almost 5241 % recived compared to what I sent. That’s a load of traffic, the best part is, it’s all clicked and not skimmed. You send US and you get US, you send DE and you get DE.

adult traffic trading return ratio plug rush overview picture













So if you want to seriously boost your traffic combine PlugRush with other trading platforms or simply just use PlugRush and watch your earnings rise day by day. Create a widget and create a plug and your good to go! If you need any help, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you get setup 🙂

Does adult mobile sales rebill? Hell yes!

Here is why you want to stick with SGM. Once you get your whitelabel up, you need to keep pouring traffic into it. Now you may not make a lot of sales, but the sales you DO make WILL rebill.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, here  is one of my whitelabels. I have a few hundred of these, but for illustration purposes this one is pretty good as I know the traffic source of this. It’s mainly filtered german traffic.

Here are the initial sales:
New adult mobile whitelabel sales










Now take a look at the rebills, naturally these rebills are accumulated over the past year or so, I’ll show you some total numbers for this adult mobile whitelabel  later. But now the rebills:

adult mobile rebills










How about that! Now let’s look at the total numbers since this particular whitelabel has been up. The whitelabel was setup on may 2011, so here are the new sales from day one until today:

Yearly mobile whitelabel sales









Here are the renewals for that year:

Rebilled subscriptions for mobile whitelabel










So for the year this whitelabel made only 13 sales with 9070 hits. Not to great? Well it’s not really targeted, it’s just a hit and run thing. But notice how those 19 sales became 205 rebills!! Now that’s looking a bit better, how often do you make almost 200 Euro from 9070 mobile hits? Duh! So if you were waiting, don’t.

Go and signup for SGM right now!

Get $10 CPM for your adult mobile traffic!

That’s right, right now the company paying most for adult mobile redirects are PlugRush, here are some average numbers:
2012-04-06 $11.16
2012-04-05 $10.76
2012-04-04 $9.88
2012-04-03 $9.22
2012-04-02 $10.14
2012-04-01 $11.82
2012-03-31 $11.79
Those numbers beat JuicyAds who’s dropped to an average eCPM of around $5. So get those mobile redirects up and start earning!

March adult mobile earnings with SGM

I’m not afraid to show how much I made with one of my adult mobile sponsor programs last month. People usually never want to share their stats, but seeing how so many people have a hard time converting adult mobile visitors, I want to show you where to do it (and if you want me to: how).

These figures are in euro and if you wonder about the ratio, here’s the explanation:
1. I’ve been pushing this program a long time and,
2. Mobile rebills sometimes DAILY and some of those people that signed up ages ago still rebills.

The rebill amount is small but since there are a lot of them, it adds up. So what are you waiting for? Go get signed up with SGM today!

Need to change your SGM mobile adult whitelabel niche?

No problem at all, expect you need a list of what the niches are. So I asked Sex Goes Mobile about it and here it is. You need to change the portal ID in order to change the niche of your adult mobile whitelabel site from SGM:

14 Funny Videos
15 Adult Stars
16 FSK 12 Videos
18 Gay Videos
19 lesben Videos
20 outdoor Videos
21 Titten Videos
26 Fetisch Videos
38 Granny Videos
43 Tranny Videos
59 Teen Videos
61 Milf Videos
69 Fat Videos
141 exgf
171 Blond
174 Black
173 Voyeur

So if you are looking for an extremely flexible adult mobile whitelabel solution, look no further. This will change content, language and billing in order to what converts best with your traffic. It’s a win win situation and it rebills like crazy!


One month of sales with Sex Goes Mobile

A picture is worth a thousand words… or in this case 594 Euro. Naturally this is targeted mobile adult traffic, but it still beats any program out there. Check it out and learn more about sex goes mobile right here!