What adult traffic broker pays the most for pop-unders?

This is a question I see repeated on adult webmaster boards and the answer is: Almost all of them!

How  is that so? I just got paid very little from my huge amount of traffic….  

That my friend, is either because you are not paying attention or because you are not tracking what you do. Either way, you are loosing money. Every hour, of every single day.

See the way this works is quite simple. Buying or selling traffic with self service adult traffic brokers is based on a bidding system and a minimum price. So the program usually sets a minimum price for a visitor (minimum cost per visitor or CPV) that advertisers or adult media buyers has to pay, in some cases the CPV can be as low as 0.0001 (CPM 0.01) or as high as 0.03 (CPM30) – it depends on how well the broker can monetize the traffic themselves. Some programs doesn’t buy their own traffic and just send it to a backup URL, that’s fine too.

So when a media buyer places a bid, he says he wants to buy X volume of Z type for Y price. If another buyer then comes and wants to by the same type of traffic, he will need to overbid to get it if the full inventory is sold out.

What? Okay, to rephrase it.

If the adult traffic broker has one million popunders of daily Android adult US traffic and they already sold the whole million for a period of time, anyone wanting to buy the US Android traffic, will have to pay more to get it. Or wait.

How does this affect you as a publisher? Well for one thing media buyers actually dictate the price you are getting for your adult popunder traffic and those guys (and gals!) monitor their campaign vigorously every single day. So. If they are buying YOUR traffic via a broker and it’s not performing well, they will lower the price…

or (and this is more likely of course since your traffic is top notch!) if they are buying a large portion of adult traffic from the broker you are using to pop with, and a large portion of that traffic comes from another publisher that isn’t converting, they will lower the campaign 😉

In reality it’s an ongoing battle between media buyers, when the price has been bid too high for their taste from that best performing adult traffic broker they move to the next one on the list, then the price drops with the prior one and after a while when the other guy has spent his budget or moved on, the first media buyer returns to scoop up the traffic again.

So the answer is all of them or none of them. What you can do as a publisher is another matter, here is what I wrote on GFY earlier today:

Playing the pop-under game is a constant game of monitoring what networks pay the most for what GEOs and this changes – almost every single day. If you have large volumes, you can instantly see when a big media buyer changes his bids or even when he moves from one program to the other.

There is nothing wrong with the above picture, it all depends on your GEO mix. First of all, most programs have a cap on how may times per hour/day they resell an IP. If your surfer already hit their network earlier, you won’t get paid when you pop him. So 24K visits, can easily become 20..

Then think about how some GEOs pay as little as $0.1 CPM you can easily end up only earning $10 or $15 for pops with your traffic.

You need to be able to track what programs pay for what GEO pops. For example, PlugRush allows you to use up to 10.000 trackers with their direct link for pops – this way you can track what GEOs pay for what. For example:

plugrush traffic popunder example
Obviously this requires that you are able to control where you send your popunders and that programs support a direct link option. Trackers or not, if you can control where and what volumes you send to the brokers, you can monitor what you get paid and adjust the traffic to the broker that pays the most. And you need to be doing this, every single day.

In the above example, it’s based on Country/OS. So traffic from China with the android OS is not a high price, but it’s an OK price for CN traffic.

If you can’t track the traffic, you simply have to monitor your average CPM. But then you have to use different programs for different sites and the GEO mix might not be the same and you end up picking a broker on data you can’t really use.

In any case, I know that ExoClick, JuicyAds, PlugRush, PulpyAds and SmartxAds have direct links you can use for pops.

And there you have it, it’s all a matter of the usual market mechanics – supply and demand. And you, as a salesman need to know what you are selling and who is willing to buy the most.

FEBRUARY 23rd 2016 UPDATE: You can get a direct link with ClickPapa too if you ask them (and don’t cheat!) and they have BY FAR the most advanced fallback system. They pay very well for pops too!

2012 Adult Traffic Brokers Ranking/Review

It’s time to list my opinion on how good traffic brokers do, we are talking about both when it comes to selling and buying traffic to these guys. I haven’t worked with all the various adult traffic brokers that exists, so this is not a complete list but as it is with everything on this blog – simply my humble opinion 🙂

The King:
PlugRush is still the name of the game. They have more than 13.000 adult webmasters buying and selling adult traffic and that’s for a reason! They simply cannot be ignored if you are looking to buy quality clicked adult traffic. Both mobile and HQ traffic is totally worth it from these guys.

Their new API will also help both adult publishers and adult advertisers in automating their buy/sell process. easyXsites has it integrated for publishers, so as soon as our sponsor module is ready you can easily crank out adult turnkey websites that are automated to generate profit. What’s not to like? 🙂

The Prince:
AVA Traffic is a new player in the market of adult traffic brokering. I’ve had good results buying traffic with them. They are still new so they have some killer prices and I’ve found that they pay well for traffic too. So if you haven’t checked AVA Traffic out, I certainly recommend you test them and see how they perform for you.

All the rest: 
These guys deserves to mentioned as well, I buy a little traffic here and there and sell a lot more than I buy, but I am mainly a publisher. Since they are paying, someone is buying!

JuicyAds – Good to target your ads and hand pick the sites you want to advertise on! I use JuiyAds to filter my mobile traffic for the countries they pay well for. You have to monitor this daily though!

EroAdvertisement – I’ve only sold traffic to them, they do well. I like their feel and the word of the jungle is that they are stand up guys, so they deserve a listing.

FPC Traffic – Ravo is a great guy, so if you need to buy or sell big quantities, I’d check out FPC. Don’t bother with a budget of $50 please, you’ll be wasting everyone’s time.

ExoClick is still one of the big players in buying and selling adult traffic, so they have to be mentioned. I sell them what I can’t get elsewhere. What’s funny is that their eCPM is going up and down more than a crack-whore looking to score. It’s crazy how you sometimes can get eCPM of $35 for some strange country traffic for a week and after that it drops. Well I know it’s all down to the bidding system the buyers use, but I’ve just not seen this with other brokers. They do pretty decent for me.

Remember that buying traffic is an art. You have to test this and you have to be willing to spend A LOT of money learning it the hard way if you don’t have anyone helping out. So just because you buy traffic from someone on this list, doesn’t mean you’ll be richer than Richard in no time. The reason people are selling traffic is because they can’t convert it, so if you are buying, be damn sure that you are good at converting bought adult traffic! Or you are just blowing cash. Good luck! What am I saying, you don’t need luck, you know everything about A/B testing right?

Why trade Traffic and sell traffic with PlugRush? Because it works!

This picture is from a tubesite of mine, the widget thing is traffic that’s incoming from PlugRush.

plugrush trading statistics





As you can see, 19.15 % of all incoming traffic comes from PlugRush. That’s a lot of traffic, it is all free and some of it is resold via JuicyAds mobile redirects. A lot is sent to sponsors paysites via the video’s and banners, and about 5 % returns to the site. Yea this particular site needs vidoes, so if you know a great place to get ex-girlfriend videos, please let me know!