Who’s the fastest tube script of them all?

easyXsites.com is the answer to that. At least faster than 94% of all other websites ever tested on pingdom. How about that!

Check out this speedtest performed today after the system was updated and moved to newer servers

easyxsites peedtest








So if you want lightning fast unlimited free adult hosting, go check out easyxsites.com today!

Why does speed matter you say? Well. For one thing it lowers the bounce rate of visitors – ever had to wait more than a few seconds for a porn site? What did you do? Hit the back button on the browser and move on. Lower bounce rate is good because it retains users, it keeps them on your site. It gives you more time on site and more pageviews. That is good for SEO.

Speed is one of the very important factors when Google ranks websites these days. So you want speed.

Best CTR Producing PlugRush Widget Found!

easyXsites and PlugRush has been testing our what widget type produces the best CTR (Click-Through-Rate) on easyXtubes and easyXblogs and the results are quite clear:

With a 77% higher CTR, the sidebar widget is the best performing PlugRush widget type with easyXsites!

The two widget types tested were the sidebar widget and the header widget:

The losing widget in the plugrush text


Best converting plugrush widget is the sidebar widget


As you can see in the above screenshot, the best converting PlugRush widget is the sidebar widget. Creating it for easyXsites, you should remember three things:

1. Make it responsive

2. Use these dimensions (230×1000 px)

PlugRush responsive widget guide

3. Add them to every page template of your easyXsite! (Go to your site dashboard -> Manage -> Layout)

PlugRush and easyXsites widget guide


easyXsites would like to thank everyone that participated in the test and hope that all webmasters using PlugRush in the network will use the best converting widgets – after all – producing 77% more clicks equals 77% more income for you as an adult webmaster! What’s not to like? 🙂

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Is everyone else making more in adult than you?

Probably because they are using easyXsites’ sponsored content module!

And what is inside it sells like crazy! Now you too can get access to hundreds of thousands of promotion videos with just the click of a button. No more tedious work of having to export and embed content. As always easyXsites take the hard part out of webmastering and make it fun! So point right here and click to get started.

easyXsites give you access to more than 50 solid industry sponsors and we are adding new ones every single week.

This l is a quick guide on how to setup a sponsor and get started on importing those videos. It is quite simple and requires only a few steps, those are:

1. Go to the easyXsites sponsor page:

2. Click on the Sign-up button (if you are already signed up, skip this step):

3. Once you have signed up, go to the Link Codes section of the sponsor and find your UNENCODED paysite link, like this:
See the black blob? That is where your ID is at, copy that. It does not matter what pay site it’s from, as long as you only copy the ID and not what is around it.

4. Now you go back to the sponsor page with easyXsites and click the blue ‘Configure Sponsor Tracking Code’, here you enter the ID that you copied and ONLY the ID. Not the full URL.

Now the sponsor is activated. You can activate all sponsors to get access to all content or just use those that you know/prefer to work with. We have checked them out so you can safely assume that all are good to go.

5. Now you are ready to get to work, so go to your easyXsites tube dashboard and find the sponsor importer:

This page works just like the other import pages, except you can now select a sponsor and a niche. Then import / search by keyword of just check their entire feed.
So what are you waiting for? Try out the Sponsor Module today!

.xxx domain owners can now safely host with easyXsites

At the request of the ICM Registry, easyXsites has added a 2257 statement to all tube sites. This means that owners of the domain extension .xxx can now safely use easyXsites to build their tube sites.

The resent release of the sponsored content module, means that a new monetization stream has been added. So besides displaying advertisements and sending traffic to tube sites that pay per 1000 visits, you can now promote your favorite sponsors and their paysites. The module currently has more than one hundred thousand videos ready for import, all of them come complete with your affiliate join codes.

As always, easyXsites is 100% free. No traffic skimmed. No ads are displayed but those the webmaster adds himself. If you have a dormant domain or an .xxx domain that you would like to see ranked in Google again, easyXsites is the way to go!

Responsive Tube Sites with Free Hosting

In this day and age, redirecting mobile traffic will kill your position in search engines very fast – even having a mobile version of your site is a very bad idea. You need something that is responsive. Something that detects the device that the surfer is using and adapts it’s layout to it.

easyXsites.com has just that. The new tube script is both responsive and will adapt so it displays the right version of the content to the device! It’s still the same content being displayed, the system just makes sure that FLV’s are not shown to mobile devices that cannot display them, they get the mp4 version today.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your own free adult tube site today!

easyXsites sponsor module guide

Introduction to the Sponsor Module

The sponsored easyXsites content module allows you to populate your easyXtubes site with legal sponsor hosted content. All you need to do is add your tracking ID and import the videos to your tube site. You can add thousands of videos in minutes with just a few clicks of a button. Niche based and everything! With 2257 links so you will be complying fully.

Step 1 – sign up to sponsors

Help keep easyXsites free by using our referral links when signing up for sponsors. If you are already signed up, you do not need to do so again, but if you are not. Please be a bro and use our link by clicking on the sign-up button, it will not cost you anything.


Step 2 – configure tracking id

This bit is very important! If you want to get paid for your hard work, you better make damn sure that your tracking id is set right. So how do you do this? It’s simple, go to the sponsor and find a linking code.

Now you go back to easyXsites sponsored content module and click on the ‘Add tracking’ button, it looks like this:

Now you get a pop-up with an example tracking code from that sponsor you are configuring the tracking ID from. In this case it’s AEBN:

Now you ONLY need to add that part where it says YOURSPONOSRIDHERE, not the full URL. So in this case it looks like this when done correctly:


Press the save button and you are done!

Step 3 – import sponsor content to your easyxtube

Go to the tubesite you wish to import sponsor videos to. Navigate to the Video menu item and click on Import Sponsor Video.


In here, you can choose to import all the sponsors you have enabled or choose more specific type of vidoes. You can drilldown on sponsor, stream (type) or niche. Now depending on the amount of sponsors you have enabled, loading times here can take a while:


Once you are happy with your selection, simply hit import videos and your videos are imported.

If you want to schedule your videos to be released at a rate of, say, 500 a day, you need to go to ‘Settings -> General’ on your tubesite and enable the auto-schedule feature:


Enjoy. Don’t have an easyXsites.com user? Go get one now! It’s free and you can build as many adult blogs and adult tubesites as you wish!



easyXtubes mass video import guide

This guide will walk you through how you can easily import thousands of vidoes from sponsors with easyXsites.com

Login to easyXsites.com and go to my easyXsites, click the edit link on the easyXtubes you wish to work with .

You now need to navigate to Videos -> Mass Import Videos in the menu, as so:

easyXsites Mass Import Video Guide

Now you need to fill out some data, in this example we are using a dump from GetScoreCash.

Mass Importing Videos Guide

Now you need to tell the system what each line in the imported data is for, so in this case it would look like this:

easyXsites mass import video guide

When you’ve matched it all you hit the Import File button. The system will now import all vidoes and cue them all for thumbnail generation. When it is done importing, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Start Generating Thumbnails button’ if you wish to generate thumbs, you can also go and edit each video if you wish to change titles, descriptions or manually generate each thumbnail. In this guide we go the easy route and generates thumbnails right away:

easyXsites mass video import guide

When you click the button Start Generating Thumbnails button the system immediately grabs the first file and starts generating thumbnails for it. So depending on the connection and the server the file is hosted on (usually the sponsor) this can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 300 seconds per file. Once the page reloads you are seeing something like this:

easyXsites mass video import guide

Don’t reload the page, it auto refreshes with every thumbnail it generates. Now you might want to check this from time to time, since the system will tell you if it runs into a corrupt video file. If it does that, it asks you to edit the file (click the link) and refresh the page. This will start the thumbnail generation again.

Now if you need to leave, if you browser crashes or someone runs away with your laptop – don’t worry! Next time you sign in to your easyXtubes the system will tell you that X number of thumbnails are in queue to be generated and if you would like to start generating them.

Here are some things to consider:
1. If a video does not have a thumbnail when imported, it is not published until you have generated a thumbnail (or added one manually).

2. When you mass generate thumbnails, the system auto publishes the video.

That’s it! Stay tuned for more guides on how to use easyXsites.com – and soon we will implement a new module, that really takes the hard part out of building adult tubes. With this module, you will be able to generate a tube and import hundreds of thousands of sponsor hosted videos with your ref link to the paysite and all with a few clicks. Then all you need to do is generate traffic and cash checks! Head over to your free tube site host today to get started!

And remember, if you haven’t already – head on over to PlugRush to get your account API key so you can start really making some money with your adult traffic!