easyXsites releases their premium program with BitPay, Paxum and Paypal Payments

If you are looking to generate a network of adult blogs and tubes, you should check out easyxsites.com – they recently opened their premium program allowing you to auto import videos to tubes, upload your own clips and a whole bunch of other awesome features.

So if you are like most people in this industry, you probably have a bit of BitCoin lying about – you can now buy up to 12 months of premium time on easyXsites with it. So check it out today 🙂

Who’s the fastest tube script of them all?

easyXsites.com is the answer to that. At least faster than 94% of all other websites ever tested on pingdom. How about that!

Check out this speedtest performed today after the system was updated and moved to newer servers

easyxsites peedtest








So if you want lightning fast unlimited free adult hosting, go check out easyxsites.com today!

Why does speed matter you say? Well. For one thing it lowers the bounce rate of visitors – ever had to wait more than a few seconds for a porn site? What did you do? Hit the back button on the browser and move on. Lower bounce rate is good because it retains users, it keeps them on your site. It gives you more time on site and more pageviews. That is good for SEO.

Speed is one of the very important factors when Google ranks websites these days. So you want speed.

An adult webmasters guide to Generating Traffic for Free

From the easyXsites education series, an adult webmasters guide to generating traffic for free (the slightly edited version):



The goal of this guide is to introduce you and give you the knowledge and the skills to start generating adult traffic. Why? Because traffic is king. If you have it, you might make money depending on how good you are at filtering your adult traffic and offering the right content to the right niche – but if you do not have the traffic, you will not make any money at all!

Therefore, in this guide, we will cover the different types of traffic, where it can be found and how you can generate your own traffic with a very hands on approach.

Please note that we will not talk about mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet or console traffic in this guide, because selling (redirecting) mobile traffic is a very bad idea these days.

Instead, make sure you websites are responsive. Like all websites are responsive in easyXsites. This way, they will adapt to the devices the site is viewed on. Your site just works, regardless of what site it’s being viewed on.

So let’s get started shall we!

Types of Adult Traffic

There are only four different types of adult traffic on the internet:

Direct Traffic

This traffic goes directly to your domain. It can be type in or bookmarked traffic.

Organic Traffic

Traffic that originates from search engines. It can be free or paid.

Referral Traffic

Any traffic that comes from a website via a link/ad or via a redirect. It can be free or paid.

Social Traffic

Traffic that comes from social media platforms, the biggest being Twitter and Facebook. It can be free or paid.

Generating the Different types of Adult Traffic

Almost all sites can generate the same type of traffic, but the methods for generating the different types of traffic are many and have different effects. We will not cover all methods in this guide, because we probably are not even aware of them all.

However, we have worked in this industry for many years and will try to give you the basics of generating traffic. Remember that different things works for different people, so try it all and see what you are most comfortable with and what delivers the best results.

Let us go over how you can generate the different types. We will not talk a lot about how to generate direct traffic, because that usually comes on its own (good brand + good content) or involves some sort of inefficient offline method.

Search Engine Traffic (SE)

The most coveted traffic source if used right. Most people go to Google.com or Bing.com and search for something; if you are the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Result Page), you get the traffic. Depending on the keyword, your site can is ranking for; you can anywhere from one hit a week to millions of hits every day. The more traffic the keyword(s) has, the harder is it to rank since many people are trying to rank it.

There are many methods for generating SE traffic. We need not come into the technical aspects of it, because that is already taken care of by the system, but you need to know about inbound links and keywords.

A keyword is the term you want to rank for and you need to make sure that this matches the niche of your website’s content. It can be a sentence. Therefore, when you create your content and link to your source (it can be your own site or the site you are trying to “sell” to the surfer) make sure that you not only link your call to action (CTA), but also the words in the description of the video, picture or in your blog post. Btw, a CTA is something you want people to do, for example: ‘Click here!’, ‘Watch Now!’ or ‘Buy Today!’

Search Engine algorithms are ever changing, so there is no cut and dry approach that will guarantee a result. However, the overwhelming factors for your rank are usually:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Time spent on site by the surfer
  • Inbound authority links
  • Speed of website
  • Amount of content that matches your keywords

If you think about it, the search engines wants to do two things:

  • Deliver the results their surfer is searching for
  • Sell advertisement to companies

How do they do that? They monitor how their surfers are behaving: What are they clicking on, do they bounce back and how much time do they spend on the site.

You have to make sure that what you are telling people – the title and description of your site and your content – matches what is actually on your site. If the surfer is searching for ebony girls and you have a bunch of white chicks on your site, they will bounce back to the search engine and that is a minus for your site. So match the content to your niche and match the title and descriptions to your content.

Having said all of that, it’s not really that complicated to attract SE traffic. You just have to have these 3 things:

  1. Quality unique content.
  2. Surfers that does not bounce and spend time on your site.
  3. Links from sources that search engines like (like org and other sites that are old have a high page rank).

If you keep reading this guide, you will learn just how to generate organic traffic.

Referral Traffic

This is all traffic referred to your site, from another site. Except for traffic originating from SERPS or from a Social Media site as they have their own categories.

There are many different types of sites out there and many different methods of using them. Here are some of the site types you can use to generate links and traffic to your site:

Tube Sites

A tube site is a site that streams video, think about YouTube (mainstream) or RedTube (adult). Traffic from tube sites can be hard to convert, but if done right, it can build empires! In order to use tube sites, you need a tube submitter program and some content.

If you only have access to sponsor content, don’t bother submitting to other tube sites but rather, try and trade links to your own tube sites. You can use a service like LinkSpun.com to do this or you can buy links / advertorial spots on larger and smaller tubes. A service like JuicyAds allows you to browse the different sites and if you spend the time, you can find some sweet deals there.

Blog Sites

This one of the classics, use your own blogs to filter traffic and generate backlinks to your other blogs or tube sites. You can also use other free blog hosts to generate links back to your own adult site and using tumblr.com is a good idea since that network has a lot of traffic.

Tumblr is such a big deal, that we have our own guide for that later in this document. Read it and follow it and you will generate traffic for sure.

Link Lists / Top Lists / Directories

Once you have created your site, you can submit it to link lists and top lists. This is an old method of generating traffic and while it still works – it requires a lot of trial and error to find the good sites that actually has any traffic. However, it is still a very valid method of generating traffic and backlinks.

For blogs, you can find a list of active directories you can submit to right here.

Review Sites

This is really only relevant for pay sites, but creating a review site where you objectively review different pay sites can be a good idea. Be prepared though, it is a lot of work but if done right it can generate a pretty penny.

Surfer Porn Forums

The quality of traffic from these, are usually low, but if you need an initial boost they can be used and some have good page rank and allow you to link to your site without the no follow or no index on the link attributes that many forums add.

There are many forums out there, the biggest one being pornbb.org – use small watermarks on your images or you risk being banned. Also, remember that you should setup a signature with your site URL in it, this will give you an extra link back for every single post you create.

Be active, that is the key and post relevant quality content.

Traffic Trades

There are a lot of traffic trade scripts out there, the two best methods to trade traffic are of course, PlugRush and SmartxTrade. They require no special installs and are easy to operate, to learn more you can read the following guide about using PlugRush.

Another way to trade traffic is to trade links and I highly recommend that you get started using a service like www.linkspun.com – it is free and has thousands of websites to trade with.

Social Traffic

Having a social presence has become very important very fast. As you could read above, the search engines are starting to factor in how much your content is shared and liked / linked in different social media outlets. Even something as having a page on YouTube can generate a lot of traffic if done right and if you are able to create something cool and entertaining, you can get your content/campaign to go viral and generate a lot of traffic and attention.

However, beware, most of these networks do not allow hardcore porn so you have to be careful.

Twitter Traffic

Creating a twitter page for your site is a good idea. Make it look good and remember to mark it as ‘sensitive’ or you will get banned.

Now do a bit of research, check out some twitter sites in the same niche as yours and see what #hastags they are using. Learn and apply this to your site. Then every time you update your own site, you also update your twitter site.


Facebook traffic can be very good, however they do not allow adult material and as such, you can probably not post direct links to your adult site because they will catch you and ban you – but you can usually promote your other sites around it, like your twitter page or tumblr page. Just make sure you only post safe for work things (that means NO nudity).


This social media site is all about sharing your interests and then StumbleUpon will deliver you content they think is relevant to you. Naturally, many people are interested about adult and porn, so setting up an account here and adding your site can be valuable. If done right.


Another good source of social media traffic is Reddit.com – there are a lot of different sub-forums so make sure you find those that are active and relevant for your content. And do not spam. The moderators on reddit can be quite aggressive with their ban-hammer.


Tumblr is really the best social media place to generate adult traffic to your site so I highly recommend you start using them. Getting started is easy and generating traffic is equally easy, that is why we go a little more in depth with this traffic source and have written this guide to get you started.

Follow it and you will generate traffic.


With a following of 213K you can drive at least a couple of thousand hits per post, but it takes a while to get there. Read through our guide, do the work and you too can start driving massive traffic to your adult website. Traffic that you can monetize with advertisers like PlugRush, PopCash and anything from this list of adult brokers.

Correctly setting up your tumblr page

First off, you need to create a site and make sure it is setup right. You want to allow people to like and share your posts, ask you questions and submit posts to you. You also want to setup your queue to auto post for you; I find that I have had success with posting 3 times a day between 1AM and 11PM.

Like so:


Now you are set and ready to get started, first off, post something, a simple image with a watermark to URL that leads to your own adult site. Do not make watermarks too big or too small and place them in the lower right corner for the best result.

Now start by posting a few entries to begin with.

How to gain followers

Now you should start to be interactive with people, search for content that matches your site. Therefore, if your site is about MILFs, you should search for MILFs. The process is simple, do not spam. Be a real person.

Like the page. Like a few posts. Comment on the top two to three recent posts on the page and be genuinely nice. Do not ask people to follow you. Post something relevant. If it is a blonde MILF getting it in the ass, you could write: “I love hot blonde MILFs that likes anal sex, thanks for sharing man!”

Repeat on the next page and it’s top posts. Do not spam the same stuff over and over, but rather spend a second to just write a few relevant and friendly words. Do not call people Sir or Mr.!

Now, the above method serves a couple of purposes. First off, the owner of that blog will notice you, probably check out your site and if he likes what he sees, follow you. Maybe even share your stuff. Now the other purpose is for his followers to notice you and maybe they too will visit and follow your site.

Posting your own content

Here is the thing, do not post direct link to affiliate programs. It is just not allowed and your tumblr page might get deleted if you do it. If you follow my method, you should be able to create tumblr pages safely and not have any deleted. I’ve been doing this for over a year and not had a single page be deleted (yet).

When you post content, there are a couple of rules:

  1. Do not post affiliate links.
  2. Do not post a URL to your site on every post your do.
  3. Re-blog at a ratio of at least 5:1

So what does this mean? It means that you have to act like a real person, using tumblr to share your interest in a specific porn niche.

So what you do is this:

  • Every time you post something new on your own adult site, you go to Tumblr and search for something that matches the very niche you posted. Let us say it is a picture of a ‘redhead MILF’ you posted, so you search for that phrase.
  • You now re-blog and queue anywhere from 5-15 posts.
    (follow the pages where you re-blog from while you are at it)
  • Then queue one quality post with a good description and a watermarked picture or video with a link back to your site.

This means that your site will not be full of content linking back to your own site, but also with content shared from other tumblr pages.

If you do this every time you update your own sites, you will start to see your following grow, the people who re-blog your content and traffic to your site grow!

Hint: If you are not seeing any adult content on tumblr, you have to unlock it. Simple do a search for something adult and unlock the padlock:



Instagram is huge, it is a giant and it can be used to generate traffic to your site – but there are a couple of rules and the main one being NO NUDITY at all. That means NO NIPPLES or anything “worse than that”. You will be banned in a heartbeat if you do that.

Instagram only works on your smartphone, unless you buy a bunch of scripts but we will not cover that in this guide. The upside of that is that whenever you are on the move and have your smartphone or do not know what to do – you can get to work on your Instagram profile.

Here is a mini-guide to get you started.

  1. Create a profile
  2. Fill out a profile information where you write that this is 18+ only. Add a link to your site, but use a URL shortener like ly.
  3. Compile a list of #hashtags (tags) you want to use. You can use a service like com to search. Also places like tagsforlikes can be useful to see the most popular tags.
  4. Upload 10 watermarked images and tag each image with the #hashtags you decided matches your traffic type.
    1. Don’t add a backlink to each image
    2. Keep the watermarks small
  5. Now go to search and start the job of searching for each #hashtag, follow the user and then ‘like’ the images and do a relevant comment (like you would on tumblr).
    1. Do this for each hashtag
    2. Follow the rabbit hole so to say, that means when you follow a user – Instagram will suggest users like it, follow all them.
    3. Don’t worry about how many people you follow versus how many follows you back, keep following and posting and your followings will grow.
  6. You now follow a bunch of people and your feed will be full of images that matches the content you post. Keep posting and liking/commenting and you will see traffic start to flow.

That ONE All Important Social Media Rule

The following rule is very important when it comes to social media traffic:


This is key for all social media, it’s called social for a reason, so be social


A hands on method for generating adult traffic

Now that you have taken all of the above in, let us show you an actual method for generating traffic. Learning to be a successful adult webmaster can be a long and bumpy road and please remember that not everything works for everyone – but you have try and you have to be persistent if you wish to be successful.

This method is a simple one and one that everyone can follow; it has many steps and may seem confusing at first, but once you have done it for a few sites you will be used to it. When you have done this for a couple of months, our experience is that people start to see revenue and the best part about this is, that as long as you keep working, your income will keep growing. Do not give up.

Remember that every single day hundreds of thousand new surfers arrive on the internet and they all have credit cards and mobile devices, ready to buy! You need to be out there to sell to them!

On to the hands on method of generating traffic:

  1. Build your adult site for free right here (tube or blog)
  2. Add content and use unique titles, descriptions and tags. This is very important, do not just use whatever text your sponsor supplies. Write your own.
  3. Update the site at least once a day for no less than 10 days.
  4. Generate some back links to your site and make a social presence by:
    1. Create a Twitter.com page for your site. Mark it as Sensitive.
    2. Create a Google+ (G+) page for your site; make it Safe for Work (SFW) – No full frontal nudity.
    3. Create a tumblr.com page about your site and tag it as adult.
    4. Submit your blog to directories or post about your tube / blog on adult forums.
  5. Then submit the site to search engines:
    Submit to Google
    Submit to Bing
  6. Keep updating your site with unique content every single day.
    1. Remember that every time you post a new video or a new blog entry, do the following:
      1. Tweet about it.
      2. Post about it on G+ and StumbleUpon.
  • And (this is important) do the work on your Tumblr page as outlined above.

Now the above is a lot of work, but it also covers many of the things mentioned in this guide and if you follow the process, you will start to generate traffic.

Not only will you generate organic traffic, but also social media traffic and referral traffic. And people will bookmark your site and come back.

Final notes

Generate enough traffic and you start to generate both sales and advertising revenue (if you wish, you can do only one of these of course). This is a fact.  It is all a numbers game.

Either you need a large volume of traffic to make sales or you need the expertise to filter your traffic, tweak your sites and optimize your offers and landing pages. The best is to have both, but that takes time and skill. Fortunately, we can give you the skills and we hope that you are willing to put in the time.

Know that the majority of all adult webmasters that fail do so because they are not persistent and gives up too early. No one became a master at their trade in a few months; it takes time, dedication and effort!

The difference between successful people and those that fail is not if they are smart, it is if they give up or not. Here is the pyramid that will ultimately lead to success:

If you fail.

Analyze the situation.

Change your approach and try again.

Analyze how your changes altered the results and:

Adjust your method and keep working the cycle… and above all….NEVER GIVE UP!


.xxx domain owners can now safely host with easyXsites

At the request of the ICM Registry, easyXsites has added a 2257 statement to all tube sites. This means that owners of the domain extension .xxx can now safely use easyXsites to build their tube sites.

The resent release of the sponsored content module, means that a new monetization stream has been added. So besides displaying advertisements and sending traffic to tube sites that pay per 1000 visits, you can now promote your favorite sponsors and their paysites. The module currently has more than one hundred thousand videos ready for import, all of them come complete with your affiliate join codes.

As always, easyXsites is 100% free. No traffic skimmed. No ads are displayed but those the webmaster adds himself. If you have a dormant domain or an .xxx domain that you would like to see ranked in Google again, easyXsites is the way to go!

Responsive Tube Sites with Free Hosting

In this day and age, redirecting mobile traffic will kill your position in search engines very fast – even having a mobile version of your site is a very bad idea. You need something that is responsive. Something that detects the device that the surfer is using and adapts it’s layout to it.

easyXsites.com has just that. The new tube script is both responsive and will adapt so it displays the right version of the content to the device! It’s still the same content being displayed, the system just makes sure that FLV’s are not shown to mobile devices that cannot display them, they get the mp4 version today.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your own free adult tube site today!

easyXsites.com is live again!

www.easyXsites.com is live again! So go and register a free user to get started.

If you are a returning beta tester, please remember to register your user with the same e-mail as the one you used during beta, this will unlock your 6 months of free premium time.

easyXsites beta is ending

We are pleased to announce that the easyXsites beta test is closing on the 12th of December and as such, all sites and servers will be unavailable until we go live with the new version.

The beta test has taken almost 9 months longer that we first expected and it has been quite the bumpy ride. Thank you to everyone that stuck with us and especially thank you to everyone that has provided us with much valuable feedback.

It has been a tremendous journey, we have had thousands of webmasters participating and more than 8000 websites created. Sadly, most of these websites are not being used and we understand why – we have had our fair share of problems right up until today.

These problems all related to fundamental flaws in the system architecture that all became apparent when the load on the system was high enough. Because of this, we had two separate and independent parties investigate the best possible solution moving forward and both came to the same conclusion; we had to rewrite the core of the system. Patching was not an option as we would never be able to achieve all the things we wanted. So we made the choice to rewrite everything. This means that we now move away from using wordpress and tubeace as the underlying CMS for blogs and tubes.

easyXsites will now be 100% custom coded and that allows us to do some much MUCH cooler things than we could in the past.

But all of this comes at a price, the current sites in the system. We are not going to be able to port any of these into the new easyXsites core system. In other words, we are removing all sites currently in the system.

We have created a plugin, that allows you to export your blog posts and all images and enabled this on all current blogs in the system. Therefore, your blog is not lost – but we cannot host it in it’s old state. You can go to manage your site and go to settings, there you will find the backup plugin. Then you can either reuse the content when the non-beta version of easyXsites open or take it somewhere else. But we are confident that once you see the non-beta version of easyXsites you will not want to go elsewhere.
We have not done anything similar to the tubes, for a number of reasons, but primarily because 99% of the tubes are using sponsor hosted videos and those can be created in the new system in a matter of minutes.

We are moving all users to the new system and as a token of our appreciation; we are giving EVERYONE that created a user during the beta test a full month of premium membership when the new site is live.

On top of that, we are giving everyone a working system they can still use for free, with lots of new cool features such as:

– A new core system where you control everything!
– Sites created in 20 seconds max!
– A huge content database with legal content
– Automation services
– Many more site templates
– A new ticket based support system
– A new community dialogue system
– A premium system with more site customization and flexibility
– Advertiser integration for easy revenue generation

And so much more!

So please, stay tuned and have patience – we’ll be back in no time!

News from easyXsites

Greetings Adult Webmaster

I would like to bid all the new webmasters joining us a big welcome! So welcome to easyXsites new webmaster! I would also like to say thanks to everyone that sticks around and gives us feedback both via e-mail (you can just hit reply to this if you have something on your mind!) or via our webmaster forum.

We always appreciate your input!

We are now litteraly thousands of webmasters that are building more than a thousand sites every month! How about that? It makes us proud to provide this feature and hope to help you all make money and have a better life! 🙂

So what’s new with easyXsites?

You might have noticed a maintenance message from time to time these past two weeks, for that we apologize, but we are working to improve the loading speed of both tubes and blogs and sometimes we have to “flip the off switch” for a short time to implement this. Hopefully you can see that the speed has already improved quite a lot, but rest assured, we trot on and keep tweaking until all websites are loading super fast.

We have also finally rolled out the new site creation methods as well as a new feature allowing you to delete sites you already created (working or not). Please allow me to attach a few words to both of these “new” features: 

New Site creation
Sites are now being added to a site creation queue, this means that you can add as many sites as you want to the queue and you don’t have to sit and wait for the site to actually be created. It’s much faster and a better use of your time.
Once the site has been created, you will get an e-mail. One e-mail is sent to you per site. Should the site creation fail (we haven’t seen this yet, but it can happen) the system will tell you and auto-delete the site so you can come back and try again.

While this means that your site is not instantaniously created, it does mean that you don’t have to sit and wait while the page loads and sites are still created within the hour. Most of the time it takes as little as 10 minutes for a site to be ready, it all depends on how many sites are in the queue.

Site Deletion Feature:
You can now delete sites yourself. No more waiting for support to get off their ass and do it! Please note that like with site creation a site deletion is a request that goes into a queue.
Once the site is deleted you will get an e-mail saying so.

Once you have added your site to the deletion queue, there is NO turning back!

We absolutly cannot recreate a site for you once it’s been deleted. So you better be sure that you want to delete it, cause once you do it’s gone forever.

Those of you that has e-mailed or posted in the forum about having old faulty sites deleted, please go and delete your sites yourself.

Webmaster tips and tricks

We include some of the same tips as last month, since there are a lot of new webmasters. Even if you read these last month, read them again as there is a little something for the hard worker:

Tip 1: Monetize your tube sites and blogs via our PlugRush API! We are getting good feedback from people who sell and trade traffic via the API on both blogs and tubes. You can auto-submit plugs with the blog plugin and use the XML sync to set it up for tubes.

Combine this with the sponsor module for tubes and you can set your site on auto-pilot and just focus on building more sites and getting backlinks.

Tip 2:  Promote the new and totally unsaturated website MondoLabia.com via our new affiliate program called MondoBucks.com and get 50% of all sales and ALL rebills. Currently we convert very well and retain members for more than 6 months in average! The paysite has a no b.s. tour, that actually show the site as it is, rather than the normal paysite tour where you try to sell something w.o. showing what the actual site looks like.

So visit MondoBucks today to start earning, because as they say, big pussy equals big money! 

Now remember that if you have big pussy traffic, you can earn big bucks and help support us

That’s it folks! Thank you for using easyXsites, please tell your friends and have a prosperous fall.

Until next time!

– Markul

easyXsites sponsor module guide

Introduction to the Sponsor Module

The sponsored easyXsites content module allows you to populate your easyXtubes site with legal sponsor hosted content. All you need to do is add your tracking ID and import the videos to your tube site. You can add thousands of videos in minutes with just a few clicks of a button. Niche based and everything! With 2257 links so you will be complying fully.

Step 1 – sign up to sponsors

Help keep easyXsites free by using our referral links when signing up for sponsors. If you are already signed up, you do not need to do so again, but if you are not. Please be a bro and use our link by clicking on the sign-up button, it will not cost you anything.


Step 2 – configure tracking id

This bit is very important! If you want to get paid for your hard work, you better make damn sure that your tracking id is set right. So how do you do this? It’s simple, go to the sponsor and find a linking code.

Now you go back to easyXsites sponsored content module and click on the ‘Add tracking’ button, it looks like this:

Now you get a pop-up with an example tracking code from that sponsor you are configuring the tracking ID from. In this case it’s AEBN:

Now you ONLY need to add that part where it says YOURSPONOSRIDHERE, not the full URL. So in this case it looks like this when done correctly:


Press the save button and you are done!

Step 3 – import sponsor content to your easyxtube

Go to the tubesite you wish to import sponsor videos to. Navigate to the Video menu item and click on Import Sponsor Video.


In here, you can choose to import all the sponsors you have enabled or choose more specific type of vidoes. You can drilldown on sponsor, stream (type) or niche. Now depending on the amount of sponsors you have enabled, loading times here can take a while:


Once you are happy with your selection, simply hit import videos and your videos are imported.

If you want to schedule your videos to be released at a rate of, say, 500 a day, you need to go to ‘Settings -> General’ on your tubesite and enable the auto-schedule feature:


Enjoy. Don’t have an easyXsites.com user? Go get one now! It’s free and you can build as many adult blogs and adult tubesites as you wish!



easyXtubes mass video import guide

This guide will walk you through how you can easily import thousands of vidoes from sponsors with easyXsites.com

Login to easyXsites.com and go to my easyXsites, click the edit link on the easyXtubes you wish to work with .

You now need to navigate to Videos -> Mass Import Videos in the menu, as so:

easyXsites Mass Import Video Guide

Now you need to fill out some data, in this example we are using a dump from GetScoreCash.

Mass Importing Videos Guide

Now you need to tell the system what each line in the imported data is for, so in this case it would look like this:

easyXsites mass import video guide

When you’ve matched it all you hit the Import File button. The system will now import all vidoes and cue them all for thumbnail generation. When it is done importing, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Start Generating Thumbnails button’ if you wish to generate thumbs, you can also go and edit each video if you wish to change titles, descriptions or manually generate each thumbnail. In this guide we go the easy route and generates thumbnails right away:

easyXsites mass video import guide

When you click the button Start Generating Thumbnails button the system immediately grabs the first file and starts generating thumbnails for it. So depending on the connection and the server the file is hosted on (usually the sponsor) this can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 300 seconds per file. Once the page reloads you are seeing something like this:

easyXsites mass video import guide

Don’t reload the page, it auto refreshes with every thumbnail it generates. Now you might want to check this from time to time, since the system will tell you if it runs into a corrupt video file. If it does that, it asks you to edit the file (click the link) and refresh the page. This will start the thumbnail generation again.

Now if you need to leave, if you browser crashes or someone runs away with your laptop – don’t worry! Next time you sign in to your easyXtubes the system will tell you that X number of thumbnails are in queue to be generated and if you would like to start generating them.

Here are some things to consider:
1. If a video does not have a thumbnail when imported, it is not published until you have generated a thumbnail (or added one manually).

2. When you mass generate thumbnails, the system auto publishes the video.

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