Make Money with Adult Tubes

Guide to Making Money with Free Turnkey Adult Tubes

Using easyXsites, PlugRush, CrakRevenue, Chaturbate, Sponsor Hosted Clips and a HubTraffic Tube Importer!

Nine out of ten people will tell you their dream is to be financially independent. And some will say their dream is to be happy, but the pursuit of happiness is a lot easier if you do not have to go to work all the time!

There is a way to achieve that. No this is not a get rich quick scheme. Moreover, you will not make a thousand bucks in two days and you probably will not even make a thousand dollars the first month. However, it is possible and if you put in an hours’ worth of work a day (or even 30 minutes) every day for a month, I bet you will be making money. How much is up to you, but I will give you the tools to do this and tell you how to get started.

You are an adult webmasters or you want to be, otherwise you would not be here. This is one you can get started, branch out and try something new or just earn some more money.

You will need a few things to get started:

Go sign-up to those services and then return to this guide.

Add your API key here:
(use the e-mail you signed up with PlugRush here too of course!)

Now you are ready to get work!

Follow this guide (it is a rinse, repeat sort of thing, so once you have done it a few times you will know it by heart).

  1. Go to, pick a niche/keyword.
  2. Go back to easyXsites and create a tube, try to use the keyword in the sub-domain (if it is taken, do not worry it’s not super important) and the description.
    1. Pick the niche that matches the niche/keyword you picked from RedTube.
    2. Create the site. A site is queued for creation, the create job runs every 5 minutes so the maximum waiting time is 5 minutes. You can queue as many as you’d like.
    3. Go back to 1 and create another until the first site is ready or wait until its ready and move to 4.
    4. Go to HubTraffic Affiliate Program and add the URL you created with easyXsites.
      1. Grab the Meta verification key while you are there.
      2. Go back to easyXsites and go to the tube dashboard.
      3. Go to Manage-> SEO
        1. Add the RedTube Meta verification key in that field. Save of course.
        2. Go to Videos -> RedTube import
          1. Now you input your keyword/niche under ‘keyword’ and you can now do one of to things, either:
          2. Click ‘Search’ and manually edit / handpick each video to import, or you can:
          3. Hit ‘Import All’ (If you use the import all function, you need to set the number of pages to crawl. So go to RedTube first, search for your keywords and count the pages. Then go back and set the pages to import on your easyXtube).

Remember to add the videos to a channel. easyXsites will auto create the channels matching the niche you picked when you created the site, but you can always create more by going to ‘Manage -> Categories’.

Now you need to add some banners or widgets, you can read more about that in this easyXsites guide.

  1. Now you should be either importing many videos or a few – and this can take some time. Hint: If you are bored while you wait, you can create more sites or read my guide on blogging here: read the guide on how to import sponsor hosted videos here, since you might want to import those also to get some more content on your tubesite: some videos are imported, go to your site (the actual site, not a management page).
  2. Pick 5 videos, copy the URL of the video – the URL on your tube and the URL to the screen cap for the video for each.
  3. Go to PlugRush and create each a Plug for each video.
    1. Read about how to create a Plug in PlugRush here.
    2.  It will take a few days for plugs to be approved, so check back. If your plug was not approved, it will say why. Try to fix this. Do not try and game or cheat the system, rather, do quality work and you can make money. If you cheat, you will be banned (and rightfully so!).
    3. Now you need to drive traffic to your tubesite, best way is simply to submit it to search engines:
      3. You can now do one of 3 things:
        1. Go back to 1 and create another site.
        2. Wait until your plugs are accepted and then go submit more.
        3. Start adding sponsor hosted videos to your tubsite, read this guide:


How will all this make you money?

It’s quite simple really.

You can chose to make many sites or few. Quantity or quality? It is up to you and how you work. Many people choose to do many different things to see what works for them, tubes, blogs, quality and quantity. It is up to you, because what works for me might not work for you.

But I promise you this: if you work for 1 hour every day and keep reading/learning the ropes of this industry, you will start to see a return pretty fast. Once you learn what works for you, focus on that and scale. If one tube and one blog is earning you $1 a day = $30 a month. Then there is no reason why 10 of those will not make you $300 a month. Or 100 will make you $3000 a month… or.. well you get the picture.

To make $3. You have to either send 1000 high quality visits to RedTube (this is based on country by the way, western country = higher quality). That is not hard. Even if you send shit visitors, you will quickly earn $1 a day. Adding on top of that, the traffic that you will send to PlugRush can earn you up to $9 per 1000 visits.

You can generate traffic to your site in many different ways, some people use Tumblr, some use Reddit, some spam forums other write good unique texts on videos and rely on search engines. Try it all out and see what works for you.

29 thoughts on “Make Money with Adult Tubes

  1. No doubt that this post is the best. Great work bro.
    and can i use juicyads on easyxtubes? Please answer me.
    Best Regards.

  2. Hi Mak, sorry I didn’t see this until now. JuicyAds can’t be used on easyxsites right now. But you can when we roll out the new premium system.

  3. Having problem founding “Go back to easyXsites and go to the tube admin panel (by clicking manage on the site under ‘My easyXsites’).
    Go to Settings -> General ”

    Any chance on some closer input, did they change anything, cause i can’t find it!

    Regards D

  4. I just have a question, so does HUBTRAFFIC pays you for traffic send? if so, how do I activate it and which videos to put in and how do I know exactly I got my domain verifiyed iwth them too but now what?

  5. Hello,

    You add the domain you are sending traffic from in the hubtraffic program, then you verify it by adding a meta tag to your site.

  6. Thanks for your replay. I done that already, so that is all and then I add a red tube video? and I get payed for every 1000 views which redirect? Thanks! However, I didin’t understand the plugs bit though.

  7. Hey bro good info i started my site and hope to make money soon . I just have a question for you now i put up a image add and it ask for a link . what url should i use to to get payed ? I have accounts site up with the the site u said to redtube etc.
    thank you

  8. I presume you are asking about sending traffic to HubTraffic right? In that case, they track based on referrer, so when your site is verified with them, they track any and all hits coming from your domain to their domain and all sub-pages 🙂

  9. Great post. Im having trouble however with verifying my easyxsites tube site on hubtraffic. Ive copied the meta code into the seo section into the additional meta tags section. I save the page. Everything as instructed. When i go back to hubtraffic and verify i get either a error message or a missing verification data message.

    Im I missing something or doing something wrong. Any help appreciated.

  10. Thanks for this very informative article.

    I actually started my own tube site a few months ago, but I didn’t know about Easyxsites back then so I created it using and adult video script, check it out:

    So that might also be a good option for someone who wants to customize the layout of the site more to your liking. The only downside is that the adult video script requires some investment upfront as it is not free.

  11. Adult Tube sites can turnover a lot of traffic and income if you know how to promote and market them effectively. Try focusing on a nice rather than going to broad. Thanks for the guide!

  12. Thanks for the guide! If you have knowledge how to promote and market Adult Tube sites then they will surely bring you a lot of traffic and income. Always try focusing on a nice rather than going to broad.

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