Make Money with Adult Blogs

A guide to monetizing adult blogs and websites

It’s not the 90ies golden age anymore and often you will hear people say ‘there is no money in porn’ on adult webmaster forums such as That’s simply not true. While things were certainly easier in 2007 when I got into this, it is still possible to make money on porn as an affiliate. Lots of it in fact.

This mini-guide will not talk about producing content. There are TONS of content out there, you can signup to almost any affiliate program and you’ll have access to a lot of videos, pictures, banners and scripts. Just remember that if you use a sponsor program’s content, you need to promote that sponsors paysites or products. Everything else won’t fly (but it’s widely accepted that you promote multiple sponsors on one site).

Also treat adult as a business, so if you fuck people over, be prepared to meet a lot of closed doors real fast.

If you are brand new to the adult industry (and since you are reading this, I assume you are), I recommend starting a blog. It’s fast, easy and usually attracts organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from search engines and is the most valuable traffic you can get.

Starting your first blog

To start a blog you’ll need a few things, you need a domain, a host and a piece of blog software. Not every host allows adult material and over the years, I have tried a lot of hosts. The only one I can recommend, is AmeriNoc (do a search on GFY and you’ll see why I recommend them). You can get a shared hosting plan for as little as $9.95 a month and you can always upgrade to your own server when you get big enough. Domains I usually register with NameCheap. They are solid. The software you can get for free at

If you just want to get started right away, you can use a freehost like

easyXsites - Free adult blog and tube host

Find your first niche

But before you buy your domain, you need to pick a niche. A niche is the type of porn you want to sell, there are narrow niches and broad niches. The more narrow a niche is, the less traffic you need to sell your product and usually competition is lower – but so is the audience. If you go for a general niche (like hardcore, amateur, gay, teen, milf etc) there will be lots of competition, but also a huge market. But you’ll need tons of traffic to convert. Converting is making a sale.

You want to do some keyword research, in order to find out the volume of searches on Google, you can use their keyword research tool.

You want your keyword in your domain, in order to see if a domain is taking, I’ve found that is a great way to find available domains. Once you have your keywords and have found your domain, registered it and added it to your host, you can start uploading files. While they are uploading, you need to find a solid sponsor.

Finding your adult sponsors

I can recommend MondoBucks.comFuck You Cash, MoFos CashCrakRevenue, PimpRoll and Sextronix. Those are big established programs that pay on time and don’t cheat you out of your hard earned money. Crakrevenue allows you to promote that pays up to $2,5 per registered user. They have some great geo-targeting banners that’ll match the country of the visitor to the type of site that converts best, so use those banners on your site.

Using additional ad and plug networks to get traffic and revenue from the start!

Now you will want to make sure you get both traffic and money from the start, the best way to do that is to sign-up with Plugrush and JuicyAds.  What you do is you add your site to both Plugrush and JuicyAds. After that is done you create a widget with Plugrush. Place that on your blog. Every time a visitor clicks you get anywhere from 400-900 clicks in return. Don’t click the widgets yourself, that’s cheating!

Since your site is not setup fully yet, save the scripts in a txt file so you can add them later. Same goes for the  mobile redirection script from PlugRush and JuicyAds. If you want to try out an alternative program, I can strongly recommend trying out ExoClick – different programs works for different people so do try it out!

So that’s covering getting some startup traffic, now you need to capitalize on all the other traffic you will attract down the road. The fasts and most profitable way of doing this, is to create a small script that sells mobile visitors, in order to that, read this guide: Selling mobile visitors with a backup buyer. (this guide is under construction)

By now your wordpress files should be done uploading. So go ahead and install your site, write your title (include the keywords), write your description (include the keywords) and add the codes you just created.

Now you are ready to do some actual work. Writing your first post! Actually, write your first 30. Schedule them for one every day and then pick a new niche (or start a new blog in the same niche) and start over with a new blog.

Getting more traffic?

Now we established that you can get traffic by trading it via plugrush and organic traffic builds over time. Btw you can speed the indexation of your site up by submitting your site to Google here: or you can try and get a link from an established site that’s being crawled by search engine spiders.

Another way to get traffic is to trade links, a good place to do this is to head over to, create a user, add your site and start looking for trades. Remember; it’s always best to do niche to niche trades. And take some time to check out the site, you don’t want to trade with people who has crappy sites with a ton of outgoing links. These are known as linkfarms and can be bad for your search engine position.

You can also submit your sites to directories. This will give you (most of the time anyway) an immediate boost in traffic, but you need to remember that you are giving away links too when you do this. The only directories I can recommend are Twan’s, they can be found by using his tool here: 

Twan and his entire network has shut down, no-one knows why or what happened. But it appears they are down for good. I have created a list of alternative directories you can submit to here:

Please note that you should wait until you have at least 10 blog posts before you submit to directories. Or you will be rejected by most. Once you are accepted, check what directories you are accepted on and delete the links you have to those that did not accept you – and keep the other up. If you delete (also known as drop) the links to the active directories, you will be banned – and that means all sites you have submitted will be removed.

Revenue share (REV) or pay per signup (PPS)

This is a question with no real answer, the only real answer is: It depends.

It depends on the sponsor, on the content, on the paysite and so many other things. I’ve found that I start out using revenue share and if people don’t rebill, I switch to pay per signup. So some places they will pay you $30 for someone buying a $1 trial membership. Why would they do that? Because usually they are able to crossell, upsell or rebill the hell out of the user. On the other hand, if people don’t rebill and you had the revenue share option, you just made a whopping 60 cent instead of $30. Given that the revenue share was 60/40. Usually they pay you 60% of the initial month and 40% of every recurring. Or some other split.

Finding content for your blog posting

Open a new spreadsheet, copy link codes to the paysites you want to promote into that spreadsheet. Now make a tab for each paysite and copy all the FHG (full hosted galleries) you can find for each paysite into their tab.

Now go and check out each paysite, write down the details about each in the main tab. These are your selling points.

Now you can easily navigate through the FHGs and find the ones you think can sell. Once you have an FHG, you are ready to write your first blog post.

Writing your fist blog post

Over the years, I’ve found that writing to the surfer is what converts best. Tell the surfer about the product your are trying to sell, tell them what’s in the gallery you are linking to. Remember that you are trying to sell a product here, but you are also trying to get someone turned on (but not enough so they get off) enough to whip that credit card out and buy what you are selling.

I’ve found that the best format when posting blogs is the below, there are probably better and I strongly urge you to try this out yourself:

  • First picture as big as blog layout permits -> Link to sponsor FHG you are getting the content from.
  • Below first picture, insert the post title with <h1> tags.
  • 3 next thumbnail pictures in small size (3-4 in a row) -> Link to full version of the pictures, never hotlink these and always store them on your server. Name them blog-title-here1 and so on.
  • One of the above 3-4 pictures should be very explicit, that picture should link to paysite tour.
  • Now comes a 50-100 word post, ending with a catchy Phrase like ‘Click Here for More Pictures of that Dirty Slut!’ -> Link to paysite tour page
  • Add another big explicit picture that links to the best converting paysite tour page you can find.
  • If any video, embed it here.

Oh one more thing, when naming images (both filename and alt text) name them the blog title. For example if the blog title is Public Fucking Blonde MILF. You want to name each image ‘public-fucking-blonde-milf.jpg’ next is you can just slap a number in the end, like so: public-fucking-blonde-milf-1.jpg (you want to do this for the search engines, lots of people use image search to find stuff and you want to rank there too).

That’s it! Happy blogging! 

Example Adult Blogs

I’ve been asked a few times on ICQ to share an example of a blog. So here you go 🙂 Boob MomHairy Ex-Girlfriends and Big Tit Blonde Sex.


But wait, we are not done! There is more to come in part 2 of this guide so make sure you come back!

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  1. Useful guide for newbies. But you should add some ad networks instead of affiliates where most of webmasters make little to no money at all.

  2. Thanks. I actually did list some networks, but I’ll elaborate on that in the guide later, thanks for the input and feel free to speak up if something is missing or isn’t working for you 🙂

  3. Excellent starting guide. Another way to monetize your blog is to incorporate plugrush and/or juicyads. Not only because of the traffic exchange (which will help get more traffic), but if you choose, you can sell your mobile traffic and even pop-unders if you choose. Granted it’s not big money, but assuming you get decent traffic, it adds up to at the very least pay for new domains and hosting.

  4. No problem chuck and thank you for the feedback, I made it a little more clear that it’s a good idea to use those services from the start to generate both traffic and revenue from the start. It’s always motivating to see some dollars roll in, even if it only is a few $ a day 🙂

  5. Hi! Very usefull guide!

    Hmmmm i don’t know… but i want to ask you something strange.

    What do you think about apply this guide in just 1 country! For example, just for .ES users… an spanish site, and then link to international adult sponsor!

    Have a good day 🙂

  6. Hi Zlatan, glad you like the guide.

    If I remember right from my trips to Spain, not everyone there is great at English right? Excuse me if I’m wrong. But sure, you can apply this guide to a single country site. You can still sell off the ES traffic, but you are better off finding some sponsors that has content in the local language. I think that would convert better.

    It depends on your audience, maybe take content form one sponsor and write a post in English leading to an English landing page and then take some Spanish content written in Spanish, leading to a Spanish language page. See what gets the most clicks and then you’ll have the answer 🙂

  7. I signed up for plugrush a couple weeks ago. It put [edited by admin] adverts on my site!! When I made the widget it shows images that fit my niche but when I checked the banner on my site there were pictures of two little girls! Disgusting!

  8. That’s pretty bad, are you sure it was that? Did you report it to plugrush? To remove such ads, you need to be signed into plugrush and then click the red button on the widget on your site, top right corner of the picture.

    If also need to make sure that the show all ads on your widget in plugrush isn’t checked, that way you only get niche ads. So you don’t get teen on milf sites etc.

    I edited you comment to delete that word, I don’t want that on my blog.

  9. Hi, like I said to you on ICQ this is a great guide, it helps me out…
    I want to know if there are no networks out there who do PPL like crakrevenue ?

  10. Hi what do you think of my blog?

    I have some exclusive interviews and share all I can with fans.
    please drop me an email to with any comments

  11. ravenazael: I removed the URL to your blog (for your own sake!), there are number of things I would rectify immediatly if I were you:

    1. Stop using sponsor content if you are not trying to sell their website.
    2. Using blogger for adult sites is really setting yourself up for a nasty surprise one day (Google does delete sites, especially if they have pirated content on them)

  12. great guide. i was wondering how these rev share/pps sites light up with adult cpa networks like ploose, ewa, or even blamads.

    Im coming from a non adult site industry and we use those cpa networks for incentivized and non incentivized offers.

  13. Nice article and I learned a lot! I would love to see more on the business end of adult business. How to get a transaction provider, how to structure your business, (inc, ltd, sole proprietor, etc.)

    Anyways. Thanks for the education.

  14. TA: Thanks. Not sure what you mean with that, since I don’t actually run any paysites myself.

    Joe/Rick: This depends entirely on what country you guys are basing your business in., so I’d need some more info in order to be able to help you here and even so, unless you are based out of Denmark like me – I’d advise you seek legal council. Spending that 1 hour of a lawyers time, could potentially save you a lot of problems down the line. Make you pick the right lawyer, ask for references.

  15. Easyxsites is not all easy.

    why does it take so long to create a blog.

    i try to click on manage and nothing happens. it like it freezes or something.

    how long does it take to create a blog. how long do i have to sit and wait for it to create a blog.

  16. Hi Todd,

    We have recently rewritten the way tubes are created and are now doing the same for blogs. We are aware that there has been some problems creating sites, so this will fix it.

  17. I am also a newbie, and these informations are really helpful! Thank you so much, I hope i will be able to earn at least dollar a day 🙂

  18. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep
    a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent
    job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and
    more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  19. great tutorial on adult blogging, to simplify things on your blogs you could also do content curation. Search google for “content curation”a very easy way to establish authority on your blogs and get super fast rankings on Google and other search engines.

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