Put your adult tubes on auto pilot today with easyXsites

Not too long ago, easyXsites released the premium program with two key features and a very needed point:

  1. The ability for adult webmasters to put their tubes on auto pilot.
  2. Uploading your own videos (we’ll talk about this one some more).
  • No network popunders (YOU keep all your traffic!)

Some of the other features included in the premium program are:

  • No more ‘Powered by easyXsites’ link in the footer of sites anymore (so no more traffic leaks!)
  • Access to a Premium Members only Forum
  • and later on, bulk site creation (this is being worked on)

For obvious reasons, you want to not have someone elses popunders on your site – that’s a no-brainer. But you also can’t have a free service and no-ads on your sites. The old saying goes, if it’s free you are the product.

So why should you pay for the above… well first off, you can get a premium plan for as low as $3.99 a month – that’s if you prepay for a year (billed at $47.99) or just pay as you go for $4.99 – that’s less than a pizza. And you save a TON of work and you get to keep all the profits by either:

  1. having no popunders hurting your SEO / traffic
  2. have your own popunder and reaping the full CPM

So how do you put your sites on auto pilot, it’s quite simple actually. The import feature is based on your site categories / channels, so create a tube site and go to it’s dashboard.

From there, you click Manage -> Categories:

Now you add the categories, make sure you use names that makes sense – they should be niches. Name of the Category, is the search term used by the importer!

That’s important so you don’t get weird videos imported that don’t belong.

Once you have setup your categories, you click Premium -> Auto-Import:

Then you get this screen, where you turn on the sources you want to auto import:

So how does it work? Well the network importer visits every premium site once a day, it then adds one clip per import source per category per site. Yep, let’s break that down, say the above site has 3 sources turned on and it has 4 categories. That means that every category gets 3 new clips per day to a total of 12 clips.

That might not seem like a lot, but most sites has 20-50 categories. That’s 60-150 new clips every day. Plenty of clips to keep surfers happy and coming back.

That means you get to spend your time on building more sites, generating adult traffic to your sites and optimizing your income (banners, popunders, traffic sent to hubtraffic etc).

So what about dublicate content? If I auto import from the same sources on all sites, won’t that hurt my organic traffic?

The short answer is, yes it will. But you probably don’t have a lot of organic traffic to begin with – you should focus on generating traffic via link building, posing on forums, using social media and then make sure you use good narrow targeted niches on your site with the auto importer.

Or you can upload your own videos to your network of sites and work on the title and description and THEN you’ll do great ranking your sites. 

That’s where premium comes in, you can upload videos up to 100MB 250 MB per clip (upload size increased today) and you can choose to manually import them to your site or auto import them.

Now the smart thing here is, that you upload the videos on your easyXsites dashboard on not on the tube dashboard, so imagine that you have 100 sites and you upload a video, then you can get it auto published on all sites within 24 hours. Or on some of them, or none of them.

Click here to turn on auto pilot today!

So there you have it, a way to create and put your adult tube site network on auto pilot. I know it’s not free, but the money will be earned back in a jiffy. So let me know how it goes for your in the comment section and good fortune to you!

Beta test and explode your traffic!


smartxtrade logo

If you are interested in growing your adult traffic for free, there is a new trading platform that has just opened for webmasters that want to help beta test the system. I am one of them and since they have a referral program, feel free to use my referral link:


Their platform allows you to basically add different banner types and pop-unders to your website, allowing you to generate credits. You can then spend those credits to buy back traffic from other webmasters using the system. I asked one of the other founders about how he would describe credits and he said:

SmartxTrade Credits is like a virtual currency that you can use to buy back traffic from the system. Perhaps you are great at converting your German traffic, but can’t really convert traffic from the United Kingdom – so you trade the UK traffic for Credits and buy back DE traffic. And during beta we are awarding everyone extra credits for traffic, before we let the “credit economy” loose. This is our way of saying thanks for helping us stress test the system.
– Cristian

So there you have it, so far I am getting 1 Credit per visitor and that doesn’t matter if it’s from India, China or from the United States. I can certainly imagine that this will change once the “economy” is let loose as Cristian says. So for now, I am ramping up credits! I would urge you to do the same, so come and start trade with us all!

Traffic company launches with great numbers

Source: AdultMediaGuide

A new player is in town and they promise great things. With a slick and modern interface, the best performing (in house!) offers in the industry and a state of the art traffic-to-lander matching algorithm they are ready to help you maximize your eCPM!

Besides the usual partner offers, Traffic Company has their own products that are converting well in over 15 countries and they promise you a better ratio than most competitors. Let’s look at the numbers from their newsletter today:

Pos Country Best performing carrier ECPM
1. Australia Telstra & Optus € 72,50
2. Switzerland Swisscom € 70,66
3. Germany Eplus € 68,45
4. South Africa Vodacom € 28,40
5. Greece Vodafone € 26,80
6. Poland T-Mobile € 24,93
7. Portugal MEO € 22,44
8. Spain Vodafone € 21,21
9. Turkey Vodafone € 19,95
10. Netherlands All cariers € 17,80

How about an eCPM of €72,5 huh? That is just crazy good! Almost sounds too good to be true, but apparently it’s not!

Now the above table is for mobile carrier based traffic, so we know that traffic always performs better than regular desktop traffic or even wifi mobile – but I am being told by them, that even desktop pop-under traffic from countries such as: NL,BE,DE,AT,CH,IT,NO and DK are doing great.

In other words, I’m recommending that you board the Traffic Company train today and get started with the above countries. Better now than later!

Best CTR Producing PlugRush Widget Found!

easyXsites and PlugRush has been testing our what widget type produces the best CTR (Click-Through-Rate) on easyXtubes and easyXblogs and the results are quite clear:

With a 77% higher CTR, the sidebar widget is the best performing PlugRush widget type with easyXsites!

The two widget types tested were the sidebar widget and the header widget:

The losing widget in the plugrush text


Best converting plugrush widget is the sidebar widget


As you can see in the above screenshot, the best converting PlugRush widget is the sidebar widget. Creating it for easyXsites, you should remember three things:

1. Make it responsive

2. Use these dimensions (230×1000 px)

PlugRush responsive widget guide

3. Add them to every page template of your easyXsite! (Go to your site dashboard -> Manage -> Layout)

PlugRush and easyXsites widget guide


easyXsites would like to thank everyone that participated in the test and hope that all webmasters using PlugRush in the network will use the best converting widgets – after all – producing 77% more clicks equals 77% more income for you as an adult webmaster! What’s not to like? 🙂

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100% Bonus For New Adult Advertisers!


CreamyAds are running a New Year Special promotion that will match any deposit above $200 made between the 8th and 10th of January 2015.

That means if you deposit $200 you will get an extra $200 added to your account! Or deposit $2000 you get $2000 extra added = $4000

There is no max limit on deposits and these kind of promotions do not come often. All you have to do is use the promocode: newyear during checkout.

So if you aren’t already an advertiser with CreamyAds, now is the time to get started!

If you want more news like this, please check out the source for this post: www.AdultMediaGuide.com


Best paid and managed adult mailing Saas solution?

I’ve tried a lot and have finally found my home! Here is what you need to consider when you pick a solution to handle your adult e-mailing. Why should I email you may ask?  Or who? Well that’s another talk, but if you run a paysite, you should be mailing your current members to up-sell services or let them know that you have done updates to your site and e-mail ex-members because you want them back! If you run a free adult site, you should be collecting e-mails so you can send them great offers. But enough about that.

When you are picking a company / system to handle your e-mailing, you need to ask yourself this:

1. Do they allow adult?
2. Can I get dedicated IP’s so others do not pollute my domains?
3. Is there a rep I can always reach and does he know what he is talking about?
4. Do I pay per send or list volume?

Depending on how you e-mail and how much, most find that paying by list size is by far the best solution. Let us say that you have a good setup where you e-mail people via auto-replies when they signup to the list (you create an e-mail loop), based on opening mails and clicking links, you send them different offers. This all adds up to a per-send volume.

For example, you have a list of 5000 people. They each get 1 welcome e-mail and then every week you send them a newsletter, that means that when a month has passed you have sent a total of 25000 e-mails.

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $129
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $39

Let us say that you have multiple lists, because you create new lists based on segmentation and that still has only a  total of 5000 unique e-mails across 10 lists, it’s the same unique e-mails they just get more targeted offers from different domains. So every list you still send one welcome e-mail and then one weekly newsletter, Total of 5 mails per month per list.

So the math is this: 5000 x 5 x 10 = 250000

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $500
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $39 (because you still only have 5000 unique e-mails!)

So what if you have a big list that you do not mail that often? Say, 4 times a month (anyone that does mailing knows that you use your lists, clean them up and mail at least once a week). Let us look at that. At a list of 75000 unique e-mails, the math looks like this:

75000 x 4 = 300000

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $500
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $300

So you should do the math for your own e-mailing solution and see what you get. Sure you can host it yourself and just pay for a dedicated box – BUT – if you want a good delivery rate, you need to know a lot about mailing to do that. Personally I go with a hosted solution, I mail small segments and do not spam.

As you can guess, I have moved to GloboMailer and am super happy with the service and the system, they launch a drag and drop e-mail editor soon and that is going to kick ass!

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Adult Responsive ads are the future! Get yours today!


Responsive is the Future! The future is now!

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Responsive Technology
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