Beta test and explode your traffic!


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If you are interested in growing your adult traffic for free, there is a new trading platform that has just opened for webmasters that want to help beta test the system. I am one of them and since they have a referral program, feel free to use my referral link:


Their platform allows you to basically add different banner types and pop-unders to your website, allowing you to generate credits. You can then spend those credits to buy back traffic from other webmasters using the system. I asked one of the other founders about how he would describe credits and he said:

SmartxTrade Credits is like a virtual currency that you can use to buy back traffic from the system. Perhaps you are great at converting your German traffic, but can’t really convert traffic from the United Kingdom – so you trade the UK traffic for Credits and buy back DE traffic. And during beta we are awarding everyone extra credits for traffic, before we let the “credit economy” loose. This is our way of saying thanks for helping us stress test the system.
– Cristian

So there you have it, so far I am getting 1 Credit per visitor and that doesn’t matter if it’s from India, China or from the United States. I can certainly imagine that this will change once the “economy” is let loose as Cristian says. So for now, I am ramping up credits! I would urge you to do the same, so come and start trade with us all!