PlugRush Labs Explained

Anyone that’s anything in adult has heard about (and are probably using) PlugRush – if you haven’t heard about these guys, you have been missing out.

PlugRush labs is a new feature that allows you to opt-in for testing the new things they are rolling out. The buzz has already hit the zoo, so I felt compelled to let everyone here know how to get it enabled for your website… and trust me, you want to enable this, because it will give you one leg up on the competition!

It’s quite simple really, all you need to do is log into your account and go to:

Publishers -> Websites -> Manage Adzones -> Common Adzones -> Enable PlugRush Labs. 

You can then either auto-enable things or have PlugRush notify you every time something new is launched and you are ahead of (almost) everyone else. Here is a screenshot:

How to enable plugrush labs