Best paid and managed adult mailing Saas solution?

I’ve tried a lot and have finally found my home! Here is what you need to consider when you pick a solution to handle your adult e-mailing. Why should I email you may ask?  Or who? Well that’s another talk, but if you run a paysite, you should be mailing your current members to up-sell services or let them know that you have done updates to your site and e-mail ex-members because you want them back! If you run a free adult site, you should be collecting e-mails so you can send them great offers. But enough about that.

When you are picking a company / system to handle your e-mailing, you need to ask yourself this:

1. Do they allow adult?
2. Can I get dedicated IP’s so others do not pollute my domains?
3. Is there a rep I can always reach and does he know what he is talking about?
4. Do I pay per send or list volume?

Depending on how you e-mail and how much, most find that paying by list size is by far the best solution. Let us say that you have a good setup where you e-mail people via auto-replies when they signup to the list (you create an e-mail loop), based on opening mails and clicking links, you send them different offers. This all adds up to a per-send volume.

For example, you have a list of 5000 people. They each get 1 welcome e-mail and then every week you send them a newsletter, that means that when a month has passed you have sent a total of 25000 e-mails.

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $129
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $39

Let us say that you have multiple lists, because you create new lists based on segmentation and that still has only a  total of 5000 unique e-mails across 10 lists, it’s the same unique e-mails they just get more targeted offers from different domains. So every list you still send one welcome e-mail and then one weekly newsletter, Total of 5 mails per month per list.

So the math is this: 5000 x 5 x 10 = 250000

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $500
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $39 (because you still only have 5000 unique e-mails!)

So what if you have a big list that you do not mail that often? Say, 4 times a month (anyone that does mailing knows that you use your lists, clean them up and mail at least once a week). Let us look at that. At a list of 75000 unique e-mails, the math looks like this:

75000 x 4 = 300000

If you pay per total volume (for example Ynotmail): $500
If you pay per total unique e-mails across all your lists (for example GloboMailer): $300

So you should do the math for your own e-mailing solution and see what you get. Sure you can host it yourself and just pay for a dedicated box – BUT – if you want a good delivery rate, you need to know a lot about mailing to do that. Personally I go with a hosted solution, I mail small segments and do not spam.

As you can guess, I have moved to GloboMailer and am super happy with the service and the system, they launch a drag and drop e-mail editor soon and that is going to kick ass!

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Everyone is talking about mobile in adult

And you should, because Google is starting to crack down on anyone who does not have a proper mobile friendly adult website. But what does this mean? It means that you now have to do a few things to make sure that you do not scare away the google bot.

1. Check your site here:

2. Check your site here:

3. If you don’t score well in both tests above, fix it.

To fix one, you need to use a responsive type site. No more redirecting visitors to a mobile version of your website! That’s a big no-no. You need to make sure that your page adapts to the surfers device. As you may have noticed, the layout of this site changed.. that’s because the old theme wasn’t responsive. The new one is!

To fix number two, you need… well.. a better host or a cache. But for now, let’s stick to number one.

How do I monetize the mobile traffic then? Well you can still use the number one program for carrier based traffic: SexGoesMobile – just use banners and text links, that also helps with the quality of traffic you send them. They will convert into sales, especially carrier based European traffic. You can even use something like AdamoAds and then run SGM in a backup chain to sell them if you haven’t sold the spot. You need to try it before you knock it.

So there you go, a tip for today. It’s easier said than done, but once you get started, you will see the results. Good luck!

Generating adult traffic and selling it…

.. there are a lot of guides about how to generate traffic for your website, but a few guides that will explain how to generate it and how to sell it for the best price – and how to automate it all. Who wouldn’t want a money making machine you can turn on and then go to the beach and sip those long drinks? While it sounds good, it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But it can be done and you don’t even have to spend a single dollar to get started.

What you need is time, persistence and patience.

And a guide. I can give you a place to get the guide, the rest is up to you? Will you do it? Or will you dream about it. Get started on your dream today with this: Adult Media Guide