new mp4 sponsor content in easyXsites

New Sponsors & Updates

The following new sponsors has been added and/or updated in the easyXsites sponsored content module:

21SexturyCash is the biggest European paysite network with more than 20.000 videos in 23 categories. They will take your traffic conversion to the next level!

DogFart feature the industry’s best 100% exclusive interracial sites and has been doing so for a solid 15 years.

Fetish Bucks has been active as a referral program since 1997 and are here for the long haul and RECURRING income, NOT the fast buck, NOT here today gone tomorrow. A solid program to promote!

Life Selector is a unique interactive site that allows users to live out their dreams by directing the story of a lifelike interactive POV video experience. It’s  time to direct your own show!

VIP Revenue is the 100% HD 1080p Specialized Paysites with 7 100% full HD websites, covering many niches. Their sites have shown some amazing ratio and there are really big revenues to be made with this fresh and hot content!

Is everyone else making more in adult than you?

Probably because they are using easyXsites’ sponsored content module!

And what is inside it sells like crazy! Now you too can get access to hundreds of thousands of promotion videos with just the click of a button. No more tedious work of having to export and embed content. As always easyXsites take the hard part out of webmastering and make it fun! So point right here and click to get started.

easyXsites give you access to more than 50 solid industry sponsors and we are adding new ones every single week.

This l is a quick guide on how to setup a sponsor and get started on importing those videos. It is quite simple and requires only a few steps, those are:

1. Go to the easyXsites sponsor page:

2. Click on the Sign-up button (if you are already signed up, skip this step):

3. Once you have signed up, go to the Link Codes section of the sponsor and find your UNENCODED paysite link, like this:
See the black blob? That is where your ID is at, copy that. It does not matter what pay site it’s from, as long as you only copy the ID and not what is around it.

4. Now you go back to the sponsor page with easyXsites and click the blue ‘Configure Sponsor Tracking Code’, here you enter the ID that you copied and ONLY the ID. Not the full URL.

Now the sponsor is activated. You can activate all sponsors to get access to all content or just use those that you know/prefer to work with. We have checked them out so you can safely assume that all are good to go.

5. Now you are ready to get to work, so go to your easyXsites tube dashboard and find the sponsor importer:

This page works just like the other import pages, except you can now select a sponsor and a niche. Then import / search by keyword of just check their entire feed.
So what are you waiting for? Try out the Sponsor Module today!

easyXsites has been updated

easyXsites have deployed a small patch today, besides fixing a few bugs (see the section below) the following has been implemented:

Google Analytics tracking option enabled for Tube Sites
You can now add your own analytics id to your tube site. Go to SEO options to do this.

Video Manager updates for Tube Sites
You can now sort your videos by sponsor and also do mass deletion of videos.

Sponsor Updates

The following new sponsors has been added to the module:
Dielsen Action
Izland Dollars
Profits Deluxe

The following sponsors have been updated with new mp4 videos:
Anilos Cash – 500 added
AV Revenue– 1057 added
Blazing Bucks– 3302 added
Long Bucks– 882 added
Nice Dreams Cash – 310 added
Nice Ratios– 392 added
WTF Bucks– 493 added

In total 5606 new mp4 videos has been added to the module.

Bug Fixes & Notes

easyXsites has fixed the following bugs and done these changes in yesterdays patch:

Fixed video titles for video descriptions and video properties

Long titles were hiding behind the video thumbnail and sometimes the video properties would break the layout. This has been fixed. The properties (number of views, video lenght and rating) has been set to a fixed size now. The rest of the layout is still editable. The title will resize to the screen resolution.

Fixed the PlugRush Account verification API
You can now again verify your account add PlugRush widgets to your sites to trade and sell traffic!

Added a DMCA & 2257 Compliance statement
easyXsites has added a 2257 compliance statement to allow owners of .xxx domains to use their system. If you are an owner of a domain with an .xxx extension, you can now safely use to build hosted tube sites for .xxx domains!

Adult Sponsors supported by easyXsites

Here is a complete and updated list (as of today) of all sponsors that are supposed by easyXsites:

Adult Master Cash
Adult Payout
Anilos Cash
Asian Movie Pass
AV Revenue
Blazing Bucks
Bom Bucks
Brain Cash
British Bucks
Brutal Bucks
Bucks Factory
Bucks Guru
Buddy Profits
Catchy Cash
DDF Cash
Diesel Action
Extreme Movie Cash
Fame Dollars
Fetish Hits
Fetish Wealth
Hentai Biz
Home Grown Cash
Hustler Cash
Idol Bucks
Island Dollars
Latino Bucks
Long Bucks
MOFOs Cash
Naughty Revenue
Nice Dreams Cash
Nice Ratios
NS Cash
Paper Street Cash
Pornstar Platinum
Profits Deluxe
Revenge Bucks
Roual Cash
Serious Cash
Twink Pay
WTF Bucks

All of these sponsors has hundreds of not thousands of easy to import videos directly into your turnkey adult tube site, it’s perfect to monetize your already parked domains and the built in content producer will secure that your sites will perform well and not get removed. Naturally you can manually write titles and descriptions. You can design the site to look more or less just the way you want it – and if you do not have a parked domain – no problem! – just use a sub-domain.

.xxx domain owners can now safely host with easyXsites

At the request of the ICM Registry, easyXsites has added a 2257 statement to all tube sites. This means that owners of the domain extension .xxx can now safely use easyXsites to build their tube sites.

The resent release of the sponsored content module, means that a new monetization stream has been added. So besides displaying advertisements and sending traffic to tube sites that pay per 1000 visits, you can now promote your favorite sponsors and their paysites. The module currently has more than one hundred thousand videos ready for import, all of them come complete with your affiliate join codes.

As always, easyXsites is 100% free. No traffic skimmed. No ads are displayed but those the webmaster adds himself. If you have a dormant domain or an .xxx domain that you would like to see ranked in Google again, easyXsites is the way to go!

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A few adult dump sites still work for generating traffic

It is not a lot of them, but a few does send you some traffic and helps with a free back link, so if you are into this thing – check them out:

So check them out, let us all know what your findings are by commenting here and maybe you know a few links too?

Monetizing your undeveloped Adult domains

Instead of letting your domain parking sit and grab a few cents a day with a regular parking service, you should consider spending a little time on creating an adult tube site for free hosted with

With easyXsites you can host all your undeveloped domains and monetize it using the built in advertiser integration with PlugRush. You can also add advertisements from both CrakRevenue and Chaturbate.

On top of that, you can import videos from the biggest tube sites out there and earn money for traffic sent to RedTube. If you want to further increase your earnings, you can use the built in sponsor module, that allows you to grab hundreds of thousands of promotion videos from more than 50 different adult sponsors – covering all niches – and thus start selling memberships to their pay sites.

Tube sites with are ranking nicely with different search engines, because the content is different on each site and if you don’t have your own domain, you can use the built in sub-domain system to create sites. Each day your domain is live with a tube from easyXsites, is another day where you will see traffic grow.

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Learn all about Buying & Selling Adult Media

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