easyXsites beta is ending

We are pleased to announce that the easyXsites beta test is closing on the 12th of December and as such, all sites and servers will be unavailable until we go live with the new version.

The beta test has taken almost 9 months longer that we first expected and it has been quite the bumpy ride. Thank you to everyone that stuck with us and especially thank you to everyone that has provided us with much valuable feedback.

It has been a tremendous journey, we have had thousands of webmasters participating and more than 8000 websites created. Sadly, most of these websites are not being used and we understand why – we have had our fair share of problems right up until today.

These problems all related to fundamental flaws in the system architecture that all became apparent when the load on the system was high enough. Because of this, we had two separate and independent parties investigate the best possible solution moving forward and both came to the same conclusion; we had to rewrite the core of the system. Patching was not an option as we would never be able to achieve all the things we wanted. So we made the choice to rewrite everything. This means that we now move away from using wordpress and tubeace as the underlying CMS for blogs and tubes.

easyXsites will now be 100% custom coded and that allows us to do some much MUCH cooler things than we could in the past.

But all of this comes at a price, the current sites in the system. We are not going to be able to port any of these into the new easyXsites core system. In other words, we are removing all sites currently in the system.

We have created a plugin, that allows you to export your blog posts and all images and enabled this on all current blogs in the system. Therefore, your blog is not lost – but we cannot host it in it’s old state. You can go to manage your site and go to settings, there you will find the backup plugin. Then you can either reuse the content when the non-beta version of easyXsites open or take it somewhere else. But we are confident that once you see the non-beta version of easyXsites you will not want to go elsewhere.
We have not done anything similar to the tubes, for a number of reasons, but primarily because 99% of the tubes are using sponsor hosted videos and those can be created in the new system in a matter of minutes.

We are moving all users to the new system and as a token of our appreciation; we are giving EVERYONE that created a user during the beta test a full month of premium membership when the new site is live.

On top of that, we are giving everyone a working system they can still use for free, with lots of new cool features such as:

– A new core system where you control everything!
– Sites created in 20 seconds max!
– A huge content database with legal content
– Automation services
– Many more site templates
– A new ticket based support system
– A new community dialogue system
– A premium system with more site customization and flexibility
– Advertiser integration for easy revenue generation

And so much more!

So please, stay tuned and have patience – we’ll be back in no time!

Is the age of mobile redirects over?

With the latest buzz in the adult webmaster community about Google cracking down on mobile redirects, we might ask ourselves, is the golden days of redirecting mobile traffic and making good money doing so, over? Yes and no would be my reply.

The age of blind redirecting all user agents that comes from a mobile device is over, don’t do it. I cannot stress this enough. The only exception is if you have a mobile version of your site optimized for that particular device, then you can do it.

So what now? Well you can keep selling blind traffic if you want to, but it has to be clicked – but why would you do that? Why not start today and redesign your sites to be responsive? It makes perfect sense and allow me to tell you how.

In the past (that is a few years ago) most mobile devices had small screens with poor resolution and a small percentage of your traffic comes from mobile, combine that with the mobile billing that most phones had enabled by default – well – let’s just say that some found a way to make a fortune with this. Today, it’s different. Most consumers (surfers) using mobile devices are on wifi, not carrier based and even those that are, know how to protect themselves from charges they did not want. People are also reporting that tablets and smartphone traffic is now surpassing desktop traffic. Do you really want to sell that traffic and risk being penalized by Google? Not anymore. It was worth it 6 months ago and before that, but it seems those days are over? Now what?

Well you can still use pop-ups and banners on your mobile optimized website. Make a responsive website, slap a PlugRush widget on it (disable blind/mobile redirects!) and you will avoid the penalization risk. You also present the visitor with your actual website and if they don’t want to buy your content, they will probably click on the widget or banner on the site. Win/Win