Blind or Plug traffic from PlugRush?

What’s the difference between Blind and Plug traffic in PlugRush?

Plug traffic is unique clicked adult traffic, coming from widgets you create.

Blind traffic is non-unique clicked adult traffic, coming from widgets you create. Non-unique simply means that this particular surfer has already visited the site that the thumb displays.

This means that as a surfer, the visitor has actually clicked something and thus is not like regular blind adult traffic that is just redirected on page load. As a buyer this means that while blind trafficis no where near as good as adult plug traffic, it is still much better that regular adult blind traffic.

Why? Because rule of converting anything via advertisement is, that the place you land  must display the same message as what you clicked. And while the blind traffic might not be the exact content that user clicked, it is still in the same niche.

This is good to know as an adult advertiser.

Since we are all surfers as well as webmasters, we know that being redirected when landing on a website is pretty annoying, but we also expect to go somewhere when we click a banner or something else – so when you click something, you are somewhat less annoyed at the result – than if you were expecting a certain website to load and ends up somewhere else entirely . So it’s a huge advantage that PlugRush works like this, because your surfers won’t be pissed off as much compared to other methods.

This is good to know as an adult publisher.

Adult Friendly URL Shortner Service


A new and adult friendly URL shortner service has launched, it’s called Porn Earn – so if you are looking for a URL shortener service that allows adult/porn, this is it.

Here is an overview of what they pay:


Euro CPM deals on Adult Mobile Traffic

CoolMobile has updated their prices for mobile traffic, they payout in Euro and currently they pay good money for your traffic, check this:

MA Android €1.26
DZ Android €1.54
SD Android €0.42
NG Android €3.29
IN Android €2.05
TH Android €1.47
TW Android €0.60
PH Android €1.81
VN Android €0.38
IQ Android €3.31
EG Android €2.08
JO Android €3.13
IL Android €1.02
PK Android €0.97
YE Android €2.41
UA Android €0.70
LB Android €4.54
KE Android €1.16
LK Android €0.50
RS Android €1.22
SK Android €0.54
SY Android €4.07

If you haven’t checked them out, please do so now. You need to have a quick chat with the affiliate manager before you send traffic though, but it’s worth spending a little time on if you have adult mobile traffic.

Signup here

Adult Writing Solutions

If you need writing and you need it done right, X Copywriters might be the adult text solution for you. They provide adult-industry focused content ranging from simple blog posts through to complex paysite reviews. Their portfolio has a good range of sample material so you can get a feel for their writing and appreciate the sheer quality that comes with native English porn writers.

When it comes to making cash, outsourcing the process of producing text can be one of the first things adult webmasters do. Sometimes, webmasters place a mental block on themselves whenever they think up a new project that requires a lot of unique text to be provided. Thankfully, X Copywriters can provide you with the highest level of professional text in a timely manner that is guaranteed to give you the best chance of success when it comes to adult copy.

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