SGM Mobile White Labels are still KING

September 2013 is closing and as such, I had a look at the different mobile solutions out there and if you are looking for a whitelabel mobile paysite solution to send traffic to, then SGM has the best selling ones… hands down!

This month, the best converting countries with mobile traffic has been Germany (no surprise there!), Turkey (big surprise there!), Austria (as always), Singapore (steady) and Italy (that’s a first!) as you can see from this screenshot:

Top converting mobile countries in September with SGM










So if you haven’t already, you should create a mobile white label porn site with SGM. That way you can redirect your mobile visitors to or – you’ll keep the search engine juice and earn bucks. Sales with SGM has a great mobile rebill ratio, so while they may be small in terms of earnings per sale, you should look at the rebill ratio. It’s pretty awesome. And if you need help getting setup, hit me up đŸ™‚

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New 7+ min hosted mp4 clips added to

Research has shown that the best converting tube clips are always around 7 minutes, so we have cut and added a bunch of new clips to – so if you have big pussy or pussy pumping porn traffic, you should try pushing – the biggest big pussy lips adult site on the web!

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News from easyXsites

Greetings Adult Webmaster

I would like to bid all the new webmasters joining us a big welcome! So welcome to easyXsites new webmaster! I would also like to say thanks to everyone that sticks around and gives us feedback both via e-mail (you can just hit reply to this if you have something on your mind!) or via our webmaster forum.

We always appreciate your input!

We are now litteraly thousands of webmasters that are building more than a thousand sites every month! How about that? It makes us proud to provide this feature and hope to help you all make money and have a better life! đŸ™‚

So what’s new with easyXsites?

You might have noticed a maintenance message from time to time these past two weeks, for that we apologize, but we are working to improve the loading speed of both tubes and blogs and sometimes we have to “flip the off switch” for a short time to implement this. Hopefully you can see that the speed has already improved quite a lot, but rest assured, we trot on and keep tweaking until all websites are loading super fast.

We have also finally rolled out the new site creation methods as well as a new feature allowing you to delete sites you already created (working or not). Please allow me to attach a few words to both of these “new” features: 

New Site creation: 
Sites are now being added to a site creation queue, this means that you can add as many sites as you want to the queue and you don’t have to sit and wait for the site to actually be created. It’s much faster and a better use of your time.
Once the site has been created, you will get an e-mail. One e-mail is sent to you per site. Should the site creation fail (we haven’t seen this yet, but it can happen) the system will tell you and auto-delete the site so you can come back and try again.

While this means that your site is not instantaniously created, it does mean that you don’t have to sit and wait while the page loads and sites are still created within the hour. Most of the time it takes as little as 10 minutes for a site to be ready, it all depends on how many sites are in the queue.

Site Deletion Feature:
You can now delete sites yourself. No more waiting for support to get off their ass and do it! Please note that like with site creation a site deletion is a request that goes into a queue.
Once the site is deleted you will get an e-mail saying so.

Once you have added your site to the deletion queue, there is NO turning back!

We absolutly cannot recreate a site for you once it’s been deleted. So you better be sure that you want to delete it, cause once you do it’s gone forever.

Those of you that has e-mailed or posted in the forum about having old faulty sites deleted, please go and delete your sites yourself.

Webmaster tips and tricks

We include some of the same tips as last month, since there are a lot of new webmasters. Even if you read these last month, read them again as there is a little something for the hard worker:

Tip 1: Monetize your tube sites and blogs via our PlugRush API! We are getting good feedback from people who sell and trade traffic via the API on both blogs and tubes. You can auto-submit plugs with the blog plugin and use the XML sync to set it up for tubes.

Combine this with the sponsor module for tubes and you can set your site on auto-pilot and just focus on building more sites and getting backlinks.

Tip 2:  Promote the new and totally unsaturated website via our new affiliate program called and get 50% of all sales and ALL rebills. Currently we convert very well and retain members for more than 6 months in average! The paysite has a no b.s. tour, that actually show the site as it is, rather than the normal paysite tour where you try to sell something w.o. showing what the actual site looks like.

So visit MondoBucks today to start earning, because as they say, big pussy equals big money! 

Now remember that if you have big pussy traffic, you can earn big bucks and help support us

That’s it folks! Thank you for using easyXsites, please tell your friends and have a prosperous fall.

Until next time!

– Markul

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