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Promoting myfreecams.com is now open to anyone, all you need to do is head on over and sign-up for CrakCash’s new promising (so they say) webmaster program. Supposedly it will target ad’s and landing pages for sites that convert your type of traffic better than you normally would. Simple as that.  Go watch the video.

It’s called CrakRevenue. I have only tested them for a few days, so I’ll have to get back with my findings later. Also at this stage, he sites you can promote there are limited, it does have a few tubesites and of course; myfreecams.com as the site  freecamsexposed.com.

You know you want to promote myfreecams, so head on over to CrakRevenue 🙂

Why trade Traffic and sell traffic with PlugRush? Because it works!

This picture is from a tubesite of mine, the widget thing is traffic that’s incoming from PlugRush.

plugrush trading statistics





As you can see, 19.15 % of all incoming traffic comes from PlugRush. That’s a lot of traffic, it is all free and some of it is resold via JuicyAds mobile redirects. A lot is sent to sponsors paysites via the video’s and banners, and about 5 % returns to the site. Yea this particular site needs vidoes, so if you know a great place to get ex-girlfriend videos, please let me know!