Sex Goes Mobile affiliates needs to read this!

No drama. But I’ve been looking at and talking to webmasters referred to SGM and realized something.

If you experience that your earnings aren’t what you expect within the first one/two weeks, you need to realize that SGM is a revenue share service. So your earnings will grow over time. If you don’t trust me, have one of your mobile whitelabels, links or ads stay up for a few months. Go back and see how that earning has grown. Now multiply that with your network and see what you can earn (and what you’ve missed).

Compared to what I made the first and second month using Sex Goes Mobile when I stared last year (february 2011) to today, the revenue has increased more than 40 times. I can’t find a program where I can push mobile traffic, that gives this good results. I just can’t. But I also admit, that SGM doesn’t work for all types of traffic or niches. If it doesn’t convert, you can make the best by simply selling the traffic to either PlugRush or JuicyAds.


Improved adult mobile billing in Sweden, South Africa, Turkey and Netherlands

Tried of not being able to convert your adult visitors from Sweden, South Africa, Turkey and/or Netherlands? Well Sex Goes Mobile has increased their billing options and optimized them for those countries, so go grab a whitelabel and try it out today!

If you need to trade traffic to get the volumne to test it, filter or otherwise optimize your mobile or desktop adult websites, I still point to PlugRush.

Buying, trading and selling traffic guide

Adult Traffic

Selling your adult traffic is not hard, it’s selling your adult traffic for the right price and the right way that’s hard. If you get only $0.01 per visitor you send to some site you don’t know, you are basically giving away your potential adult sales. Not only that, you are also pissing off your visitor and ensuring that they are not coming back to you adult site.

There is a way to do this the right way. There is a new and BOOMING service, that allows you to sell your traffic and get money and traffic back in return. Sounds fishy? It’s not. Most people at GFY was bashing it when it came out of course, but now the whining has stopped and most serious webmasters have jumped on the wagon. That speaks for itself. Go and have a search if you like.

So how does it work? Pretty simple. You add your website, you add your website RSS feed or add plugs manually. Review those, make sure the images are in good quality and that they categories choosen are the right ones. Your plugs are what will be shown on widgets on other websites. Widgets? Yup, once you’ve added plugs, go and create some widgets. These are what sells/trades your traffic, so place them on places where people see them. The images displayed there are other people’s plugs, when a visitor clicks it, he clicks cause he likes what he sees and is sent to a site that has the content he was looking for. He is then happy, he’ll come back. And you get either traffic back or you get paid. Either way, you get something out of this freeloader. We all know how hard it’s become to sell porn these days, and if you are not making at last 1 sale for every 2000 hits you send to a sponsor today, I promise you. It will only get worse. When I started in 2007 my ratio was around 1:700. Now it’s fucked (as long as we don’t talk about selling mobile porn, that’s another ballgame!).

Now you are probably thinking that you’ll get only unproductive traffic in return and get nothing for your traffic…? Well first off, the traffic you are selling is because you can’t convert it. If you could they’d have clicked something on your site and you’d have made your $30. Second, only about 5-10% of the traffic I send to PlugRush is not sold, so I get that back in traffic in ratios of 150-650%. That’s right, I get more traffic than I trade and that’s to make sure I don’t complain about poor quality traffic.

Now if you choose to combine this with mobile redirects, you can make a ton of money from trading and selling traffic with PlugRush. If you haven’t go try it today, try it for 2 weeks and I guarantee that you’ll want to stay. I know of one guy that implemented this and increased his earnings by $5600 a month. Now I wish I made that kind of cash from PlugRush, but I’m not complaining at all.

So go ahead, check it out. You won’t be sorry, it may seem like a lot of work – but take a site with alot of traffic and test it there.


Adult Traffic