Bye 2011 – Welcome 2012! Another year in Adult has passed, here is how it went.

Another year as an adult webmaster has passed. Sure I’m no big fish… I don’t even do this full time. But it’s paid a lot of bills and so far, it’s saved my ass financially through one divorce. The year of 2011 has been hard on the industry, if you look at the tone on GFY it’s becoming increasingly bad. People are getting scammed all over the place and it seems that people are willing to do just about anything for a few bucks.

I try to stay out of it, I try to let people know where I make the bulk of my money and for 2011 – 3 new programs emerged for me. The absolute top winner is Sex Goes Mobile. They are without a doubt the top sponsor in my book.

Sex Goes Mobile: 85446 hits –  28622 sales. That’s  a ratio of 1:3 !!

I’ve more or less given up on conventional sponsors, sure they bring sales, but it’s flaky and rebilling is not at all what it used to be. Anyhow, the other two that emerged are Juicy Ads and PlugRush. These two bad boys is where I sell my traffic. It pays, any traffic that I can’t convert with SGM I sell with JuicyAds. Any traffic that I can’t convert with regular adult sites, I sell with Plug Rush.

Looking at regular adult sponsors, here are my numbers for the top converts 2011:

Twistys Cash: 1:1009
Bella Cash: 1:1887
420Girls: 1:2583
Loaded Cash (dating): 1:2908
Nasty Dollars: 1:4029
Serious Coin: 1: 4113

All that said and done, 2011 featured a huge increase in turnover and only a moderate increase in costs. Revenue has increased with almost 200% and that’s pretty damn awesome, if this keeps up in 2012 I can quit my day job (sure if I was living in the US I could easily live off my adult income, but being in Northern Europe, that’s just not possible – everything is so fucking expensive here).

Sure I know I’m a tiny fish in a huge ocean, but this tiny fish got bigger in 2011. So thank you to everyone who helped! And I wish everyone a kick ass newyears eve and a fantastic 2012!