Tired of trying to convert your mobile adult traffic?

Being able to convert in the adult industry is like anywhere else, you need to stay on top of what your visitors like and what sells to them. That takes time and tweaking. So if you have a bunch of old sites that doesn’t convert or maybe you need to step somewhere and do something else that leaves you with no time to capitalize on that trafic, here’s what you need to do to make the most.

You need to redirect all adult mobile traffic to Juicy Ads using the very simple to implement mobile redirection script. All you need to do is sign up / login to JuicyAds, click sell advertising, add your site (you don’t need to add a banner if you don’t want to). Go to the JuicyAds Mobile page (go to the main page, click mobile earnings and click the get mobile code here – well fucking hidden Juicy!) and copy / paste the script to your site in the HEAD section of the code. Now you will earn about $0.1 per mobile visitor redirect.

Now you don’t want your traffic to dry out, so you need to trade. But you don’t want to spend time checking for fraud, approving trades etc. So we want that put on auto.

Go to PlugRush and setup your site, create some widgets and add them to your sites. Now you need to create plugs, you’ll want to create 5 per site. If you have an RSS feed it can auto fetch them. Check the image and the text for the auto created ones, you can crop them directly in PlugRush. Remember that you want people to actually click on these, so pick good pictures. If you want to see what gets clicks, check the widget(s) you added to your site to see what other people do.

Plugs has to be approved so go back in a day or two and check that they are. If not, read the feedback and follow instructions.

Now depending on your traffic quality and click through rate, you will make around $1.0-1.8 for every 1000 site visitors. That’s visitors to your site, on top of that, you will make $100 for every mobile redirect. So check your stats today, see how many mobile visitors you have in your network on a daily basis. Usually it’s around 20% of your traffic. So the math would end up being something like $20 for mobile and $1 for regular traffic. But seeing how you get traffic back from PlugRush (and more than you send) it has to be something you test. The eCPM for PlugRush is around $3,28 for US traffic. You can calculate the CPC 😛

It’s working out pretty well for me, it even increases the ratios for regular sales as this setup serves to filter traffic away. Now you need to know that I filter EU mobile traffic out of this. So your math might look a little different.

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