Mobile sales are rocking!

I was checking my stats today and noticed these numbers for one mobile sponsor:

Uniques: 40.426
Sales: 46
Rebills: 368

That’s pretty fucking awesome if you ask me and if you know any program that rebills better let me know! I don’t. Check out SGM today if you want to make bank, and they pay out in Euro too!

Their webmaster area is a bit tricky, so if you want to get started fast – either contact an account rep or read my guide on how to monetize mobile adult traffic.

Hottest Niche in 2011?

It’s the ex-girlfriend porn niche! It’s been rocking real good and keeps doing so, if you need a top notch sponsor that’s up on the beat for the hottest and latest in the ex-girlfriend niche, I can certainly recommend these guys! Check them out today!

SGM Convertion Ratios for June 2011 – Converting Mobile Visitors

June was a pretty good month for mobile, probably a lot better for mobile than for desktop users. People do still watch porn on vacation and most need to do it on their mobile phone. What’s great is that in Europe, almost everyone can pay with their mobile. Fast, secure and descreet.

So if you aren’t converting your European mobile traffic yet, you need to start doing so! Head over here and signup for SGM!

So the ratio ended at 1:5. That’s right, well actually it’s more like 1:5,77 but where the fuck else can you convert with ratios like that? If you do know any place, you need to hit me up asap! Especially if they can convert US traffic.

SGM Mobile Traffic Ratioes June 2011

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