Namecheap cupons for June 2011

Namecheap is an great place to register and maintain all your adult (and mainstream) domains. They are a no-BS company with great support. They have promo codes every month, the best way to find them is to join their Facebook group, but I’ll try and remember posting them here when I see them 🙂

On to the promo codes:




Need adult morphing RSS feeds?

Look no further, almost every niche is covered with these guys.

The best way to fill your blog with fresh, keyword rich and teasing content. Choose the niche(s) you want that will fit in your blog. SexTronix RSS feeds use morphing synonyms and pictures for SEO reasons. So your feed is personal for you and there will be no duplicates for another affiliate. Sextronix posts are written in a review style by human beings and range from 80 to 400 words. Every niche in the Sextronix blog network is updated once a week.

Here are the niches (covering a ton of sites) and remember, all their sites are mobile compliant!

So what are you waiting for, put your blogs on auto pilot today. If it’s a wordpress site, you’ll want to combine cron jobs with the wp-o-matic plugin. Remember to cache the images locally so they aren’t gone if the sponsor changes something one day.

Best converting adult mobile template picked!

Time to beef up those adult mobile earnings with the best converting sponsor for EU traffic. If you haven’t tried out Sex goes mobile, you simply have to. You are throwing money out the window not redirecting your mobile visitors to a whitelabel with them.

Anyhow, you can find a list of all their templates right here. But as it stands, you will want to try out the best converting template this year so far, it can be found right here.

As always, you need to do your homework, so I recommend reading my guide on how to monetize your adult mobile traffic before you get started.

Track your adult earnings!

As an adult affiliate you probably know the headache it is to keep track of your earnings! Well I’ve found a perfect solution that fits my needs: Nifty Stats!

There’s a free version (with banners and a pop-up from time to time) and a paid version. I started using the free version about a year ago, and realized that promoting well over 300 programs, the 15 I could track with Nifty Stats free version, was OK, but I needed to see the big picture!

Here are some of the features:

Main Features:

  • More than 1500 affiliate programs
  • E-mail notification of every new sale
  • E-mail notification – daily report
  • Verification of the sponsors payout
  • Graphic sales analysis
  • Setting “Download Statistics Since”
  • Data Safety ( client-side software )
  • Simple to add an affiliate program
  • Auto download affiliate stats
  • Printing of stats
  • Report sales for individual days
  • The Full Screen option
  • Set up the dollar and euro conversion rate
  • Automatic adding/deducting of custom stats
  • Support of secure SMTP
  • Space for your notes on programs
  • Estimated earnings for last month
  • Turn statistics download on/off
  • Modify affiliate program names
  • Set up the number of threads
  • Set up the number of attempts
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Adjustable Nifty Stats interface
  • Sales reports for individual days
  • Simple to add an affiliate program
  • Setting a time interval for stats auto-download
  • Mobile Statistics
  • Automatic payout downloads
  • Regular updates to the affiliate programs database

How to monetize your foreign adult mobile traffic?

It’s pretty simple to get started, all you need to do is go and signup with SGM right here. I’ve tested a lot of programs and these are by far the best and have a lot of different billing options available.

The affiliate managers over at SGM are very helpful and can create a lot of WL solutions – that you host – with less than 24 hour turnaround. Even in the weekends.

Step 1:
If you want to get started right away, go and download a template. You can do that right here.

Step 2:
Once that’s done, go to the SGM site, login, hit Advanced in the menu -> hit more under branding -> create new branding -> fillout the fields and hit save and go back -> copy the Link ID for the next step.

Step 3:
You now need to open the index.php file from the template you just downloaded add the link id you just created under: $LINKID

Please note that you can use Google tracking if you wish, just replace the UA with MO and add it to the index.php file.

This template is multi-niche and auto-changes based on geo location, which means it’s optimized by the SGM team to present the content that converts best to the target audience. For instance, AU people seem fond of SGMs camsex and as such, presents that to them.

Naturally you can have any template built by the SGM affiliate team, but this is just if you want to get started quick and see how things convert. If you have a decent amount of non-crap traffic, you should be able to see results with in 24 hours. Their stats are updated on an hourly basis, so probably with one hour.

Step 4:
Upload the files to your domain, use domainname.extension/mobile or use a subdomain.

Step 5:
Once that is done, you’ll need to go and fetch a mobile redirect script, do that here.

Step 6:
You’ll need to edit the file geoweiche.php on line 4 & 5. Line 4 is the URL where you want all NON-US traffic to go to, line 5 is where you want all US traffic to go to. If you want to exclude more than US traffic from the line 4 URL, remove the country codes from line 8.

Now upload the mobile detection file to your host and copy the PHP redirection script from the file geoweiche.php.

Step 7:
Now you need to add the PHP redirection script from the geoweiche.php file to your index page.

That’s it, now lean back and watch the money roll in. As always, hit me up if you need anything! Please note, SGM converts all mobile traffic types except US traffic – test it yourself, you will find no better programs out there!

Mobile conversion stats for May is out!

It’s rocking on Sex Goes Mobile with a ratio of 1:11 for May 2011. That’s right, ever 11 redirected visitor I’ve sent to SGM converts!

If you take a look at your traffic, I’m sure you’ll see the same that I noticed – between 10-25% are using mobile devices – you can now do the math. My average sale is worth between 2-5 EURO, now multiply that with your mobile traffic and you can see just how much money you are missing every single day.

So what are you waiting for, go and sign up today. Contact me on ICQ 88954595 with your WM ID and I can help you get setup real quick. You can also just contact one of the account reps and they’ll get your rocking in no time!