Fuck DreamHost – All hail AmeriNOC hosting!!

So I took a tour of duty with the army for good old times sake, just to get in shape and feel young again (ok I’m only 33) and while I was there – I get an e-mail from DreamHost saying I violated some rubber term in their agreement and as such they immediatly shut down all my domains and sites.

They gave me 2 weeks to move everything, problem being I only noticed this one week in. I ask wtf I did, having been a customer for over 3 years that referred many other customers… no reply. They were dead silent. I had a private server leased and everything.

So I hit GFY and search for hosts, and pretty soon it become apparent that AmeriNOC is being spoken very highly about. So I check them out and signup for one of their plans. They then go and move ALL my sites for free. That’s like a full days work they just saved me there… at least.

So if you are looking for a new host or just need extra hosting, do yourself a favor and checkout AmeriNOC. Their support is fucking awesome! One problem I had was solved by them in less than 5 mins.

I’m still amazed…. and you get it all for prices starting at $4.95 a month for virtual hosting with your own unique IP.