Free Tube script from Pimpboss, Sextronix and HentaiBiz

It’s awesome cause it’s super easy and it’s free. No bad news anywhere, except you have to realize you can currently only promote the four sponsors that stand behind this project. The sponsors are (and you may as well sign-up, cause they all have KICK ASS morphing adult RSS feeds!):





The script is called STXTUBE and all you really need to run it is 50MB on your host, PHP5 and Zend. Well a MySQL db as well and the ability to edit file permissions. But that’s about it, it only takes 10 mins to get going once you get your files up on your host. 30 mins later and you’ll have a full fledged adult tubesite.

AFAIK there are no traffic leaks and no skimming whatsoever. These are also long standing programs that have been in the industry since 1996 (and that’s a VERY long time!). So go get your tubesite today 🙂

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