Arab sex sponsors needed!

If you happen to know of an adult sponsor that has an Arab site (not gay) or other Arab sex content, please contact me and I will sign up under you – that should mean $$$ in your pocket 😉

Please note that I am aware that Incredible Dollars runs the Arab Street Hookers site and that Beautiful Arabs exists – so no need to mention those.

Bobbi Eden leaves Medium Pimpin, beginning of the end?

As you can read on the Medium Pimpin webmaster forum, Bobbi Eden leaves their program. They encourage everyone to stop sending traffic and naturally you should do that. The real question is, how many more stars must Medium Pimpin loose before their program folds? It’s not like it’s never happened before and if there’s one thing webmasters hate, its when you have to go back and clean up your links because programs cannot retain their deals.

Makes you wonder… well the program still has some kick ass sites to promote so I recommend everyone to stick with it! 

It’s quite clear to any serious adult webmaster that Medium Pimpin is not a program you want to promote, time and again they loose their models and you have to go clean out your sites. STAY AWAY!