Calling all Toon sites!


Do you operate a adult toon site? In other words; Owners of Hentai sites, Manga sites, Anime sites or Erotic Cartoon sites are called upon to add your site to our Toon Sex Blogs site. It’s a top list presenting web surfers with a dedicated list of sites, ranked by the amount of traffic they send to the list.

The traffic on the list is split between about 30% SEO, 60% referring and about 10% are direct visitors. In other words, it’s all niche specific traffic – at least to the adult toon category… A good description of you site should secure even better targeting of traffic.

If you are now pondering what the catch is, allow us to clarify. There aren’t really a catch, it all depends on where you place the backlink really… but so far the sites listed get more traffic than they send. You can check the volume in and out on our own listed cartoon blog right here (and the back link is the top link in the sidebar on the site!) .

So as you can see from this site, it sent 9 visitors in September month and got 59 visitors back, so it’s a sweet deal really 🙂

Go ahead and add your adult toon blog to the  toplist today!