xxxWebMasterBlog sees the first byte!

Welcome to xxxWebMasterBlog!

This blog will over time, hopefully, become a site with extensive guides on how to make money in the adult industry. Please note that this blog will focus on making adult dough via blogs, but naturally the same principles applies across the various of outlet’s you have to promote sponsors.

All in all the plan is to provide you with a window into the tools and means an adult webmaster uses.

This blog is built with Wordpres and I can highly recommend it! It’s easy to use, installs in literally 5 seconds (depending on your host and internetconnection I guess). It has a ton of plugins, the most powerful being Zippedblogs but I’ll come back to that another day since that’s a chapter on their own.

Ok! Back to my commercial blogs, I’ll return here later. The site is officially under maintanance, if you came her by mistake (sorry, need the link for future pageranking) from a link on one of my sites with free porn.. just presh the back button and you’re back at the naughty stuff 😉 Or click one of the links below to get to a quality blog with more free stuff on it, noone of those are mine – later I’ll talk about how to get paid for sending your traffic to other sites/blogs.