10 useful SEO Tips

Vlad over from Weboverdrive.com gave these ten SEO tips, supposedly they were a natural conclusion by 2 top level SEO experts + little participation of Google boys… Here goes:

1) Stay away from hyphenated domain names.
2) Register any new names for at least three years.
3) Build your content and incoming links slowly.
4) Use articles to build valuable content over time.
5) Don’t use articles requiring a backlink to the site with same article.
6) Organize content using keywords in subdirectories.
7) Keywords in the domain name are not required.
8 ) Avoid variables like question marks in your url.
9) Use absolute urls if you want to pass PageRank.
10) Get incoming links from pages on related topics.

So I guess that’s the buzz for now, these things change from time to time – but it all sounds sensible to me 🙂

WordPress and Google Analytics

It can be a pain in the ass to get google analytics to play nice with the various templates out there for wordpress, but I found this plugin:


It works with all my blogs except one (the only one that uses a very strange template) and is super easy to install. So if you are bloggin and tired of using tools such as shortstat, visit boakes.org today 🙂

What converts?

This is a question I often see asked on the various forums out there (visit Ynot for instance, lots of cool stuff there!) for us adult webmasters. It’s a question that’s hard to answer, does a blonde convert over a brunette? It often seems so, but slapping a hot redhead in there might make all the difference in the world.

Then how about niches? What niches convert the best? It’s hard to answer, because it’s really up to your traffic and how they came to your site. But I can say this much for sure, niches that are turning into mainstream are harder to convert than “real” niches. For instance, do a search on ‘teen’ or ‘amateur’ on Google and see millions of results – do you think you’ll rank high there? It requires a lot of time, work and usually skill to be at the top of Google on something like that.

Now to a search on ‘3D boyfriends’ and you’ll see less than500 results. Why is that? Because it’s a super niche, gay toon/CGI porn. Toon/CGI generally has a better conversion rate than, say, mainstream milf porn. That it’s gay just makes it better for conversion, I’ve seen many adult web masters argue that it seems that the money are a tad more loose in the gay community than it is on someone searching for ‘brunette teen’ (1.700.000+ results on that btw).

It’s really up to trial and error, but if you want to have a head start – I suggest you head on over to SexTronics today, get signed up and get started on that toon revenue!